Get Your Rep. To Sign The Hostettler Letters

Last Call to Get Your Rep. to Sign the Hostettler letters
— Your work is helping to get Congressmen on board!

(Monday, April 3, 2000) — Last week, GOA notified you about Rep. John Hostettler’s fight to preserve the Second Amendment. He is leading the charge to stop the Clinton administration from imposing back door gun control upon a good portion of the gun industry through its recent deal with Smith & Wesson.

Hostettler’s deadline is sometime this week. Thus, if you have not yet contacted your Representative, you only have a couple of days left. By the way, Rep. Hostettler has decided to get pro-gun language inserted in two budget subcommittees, and thus he is sending two letters — one to the VA-HUD subcommittee and one to the Treasury subcommittees.

ACTION: Take a look at the list of Reps. that have signed Hostettler’s letters (two paragraphs below). All the Representatives listed have signed on to both letters. If your Rep. has signed the letters, thank him or her. If he or she has not signed the letters, ask them why not.

Please contact them immediately!!! To call Capitol Hill toll-free, dial 1-888-449-3511. Additional contact info can be found on the GOA website.

Members who had signed the letters by the close of business on Friday were the following: Chenoweth-Hage (ID), Coburn (OK), DeMint (SC), Doolittle (CA), Goode (VA), Hayworth (AZ), Largent (OK), Lewis (KY), McIntosh (IN), Paul (TX), Riley (AL), Rohrabacher (CA), Jim Ryun (KS), Sanford (SC), Souder (IN) and Stearns (FL). Please send (or phone in) the new message below to those Reps. who are not on this list.

———— Pre-written message ————-

Dear Representative:

I noticed that you have yet to lift a finger in supporting Rep. John Hostettler’s efforts to stop Clinton’s back door attempt at gun control. Why is that?

Rep. Hostettler is trying to get a very important amendment into both the Treasury and the VA-HUD budgets this year. In order to get support from various Representatives, he is circulating two letters addressed to the appropriations subcommittee chairmen that are in charge of the Treasury and HUD departments. They are Representatives Jim Kolbe and James Walsh.

These letters ask Reps. Kolbe and Walsh to insert language defunding the Oversight Commission that was created in the recent Clinton & Wesson agreement.

Although not widely reported, the Clinton & Wesson agreement would regulate the sales of ALL FIREARMS SOLD by dealers carrying Smith & Wesson products.

Dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson guns would be REQUIRED to mandate government-approved safety courses for Glock purchasers. Dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson guns would be REQUIRED to limit Beretta purchases to one gun at a time.

Dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson guns would be prohibited from selling ANY firearm after 72 hours — or 72 years — unless the FBI had given its approval in connection with a Brady Law Instant Check. The Clinton & Wesson agreement stipulates that participating gun retailers cannot sell ANY firearm until they receive definitive notice that the transferee is not a prohibited person under the Gun Control Act.

Currently, if FBI has not given a definitive “yes” or “no” reply, the dealer may proceed to consummate the sale at the end of 72 hours. Under the Clinton & Wesson agreement, the purchase can not go ahead unless the FBI changes its “delay” response to a definitive “yes” or “no.” Thus, millions of Americans could be denied the right to own a firearm through continuous “delay” responses.

I hope you will take the time to sign these two very important letters and support his efforts 100 percent!