Help Hostettler Overturn Clinton & Wesson

Rep. Hostettler needs your help to overturn the Clinton & Wesson sell-out
— Prospects for passage are good; but your Rep. must hear from you!

(Wednesday, March 29, 2000) — Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) is leading the charge against the latest unholy alliance to rear its ugly head. As most activists know, the Clinton administration struck a deal with Smith & Wesson almost two weeks ago — an agreement that not only affects the company itself, but would also inflict gun control restrictions on private gun buyers and impose massive red tape on ALL gun sales by retailers that carry S & W products.

To enforce the Clinton & Wesson deal, an Oversight Commission that has the force of law will make sure the gun control restrictions agreed to by S & W are being followed by all dealers doing business with the company — restrictions that apply to ALL brands carried by the dealer, not just the S & W guns that they sell.

But Rep. Hostettler is working to get pro-gun language put in the budget this year that will put a stop to this insanity. His language will not only defund the Oversight Commission, it will deny funds for any future lawsuit by the Clinton administration that would seek to extort more companies to follow Smith & Wesson’s lead.

This Battle Is Definitely Winnable

Two years ago, Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) succeeded in defunding the FBI’s plan to tax gun owners. Smith boldly went to the floor of the Senate — where fellow colleagues told him his measure could not pass. But he ignored the naysayers, forced a vote on his measure, and accomplished his goal of getting an provision in the budget withholding funds for an FBI gun tax — a provision that is still there to this day.

This budget battle is similar, although it will take a little bit more work on the part of the grassroots. The House is not like the Senate; it’s not as easy to get amendments put into legislation. But it can be done!