• Legislative Shoot-out Expected in the U.S. Senate

  • Senate to Vote on Crapo Amendment to 'Choke' Operation Choke Point

  • ATF Makes a “Tactical Retreat” in the Face of Overwhelming Opposition to its Ammo Ban

  • White House Spits in our Face over AR-15 Ban

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Constitutional Carry Reciprocity Advances 2nd Amendment Rights

Recently, some of our good friends issued a statement criticizing federal reciprocity legislation.  We agree with them that the Nugent bill (H.R. 402) has problems, because it would force Americans in “constitutional carry” states to obtain permits in order to exercise their God-given rights. 

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GOA rallies its members as gun debate heats up in Senate budget battle

Gun rights groups are rallying their members behind a series of budget measures aimed at strengthening the Second Amendment and restricting gun control efforts. 

As the Senate debates the federal government’s 2016 budget, Republicans and gun advocates are pushing for a number of amendments that would expand concealed-carry laws and block the Obama administration from issuing what opponents call a “backdoor” ban on guns.

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Gun groups rally against Loretta Lynch

Gun rights groups are making a vigorous push to stop the Senate from confirming Loretta Lynch as President Obama’s next attorney general.

Advocates are organizing petitions, drawing up letters and hitting the phones to urge Senate Republicans to oppose Lynch in a floor vote that could take place as early as next week.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has sent an alert to its members warning that Obama’s nominee would put gun rights at risk....

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States Moving to Block Federal Gun Control
By Larry Pratt

There have been positive developments in the fight to block the enforcement of federal gun control around the country.

More than a dozen states have introduced bills this year to put federal officials on notice that they will get no assistance in helping federal agents carry out unconstitutional actions.

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Over and Over Again, You Have Cleaned Obama’s Clock 
-- The battle over AR-15 ammo is just the most recent victory

Recently, our Legislative Counsel was on a radio program.  And the host commented about how "frustrating" it was for the Second Amendment community to have to battle Barack Obama's repeated, seemingly unending string of illegal gun grabs.

Our Counsel was stunned.  His jaw dropped to the ground.

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Self-Defense Corner

  • Home Intruder
  • Widowed Mother
  • Masked Gunman
  • Pizza delivery
  • Home Alone

Catawba County, NC Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder

A Catawba County homeowner used a shotgun to defend his home against two intruders.  Shooting and killing one, while the second is still outstanding.  The homeowner initially heard them break in and grabbed his shotgun and called the police.  When the intruders kicked in a hall door and came towards the homeowner and his wife, the homeowner he fired one shot, striking one of the intruders in the chest, killing him.  The second subject fled the home and is still out standing.

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Son Gives His Widowed Mother a Gun Out of Concern for Her Safety. Then, One Week Later…

A woman was startled out of her sleep early Thursday morning when she heard what sounded like someone breaking into her home. It turned out to be a robbery suspect who police believe was breaking into neighborhood homes in West Columbus, Ohio.

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Masked Gunman’s Plan Foiled by the Second Amendment — and the Surveillance Camera Caught It All (GRAPHIC)

When a man wearing a bandanna over his face walked into a Pinch, West Virginia, pharmacy on Wednesday, a surveillance camera was rolling and Don Radcliff apparently tried using humor at first to diffuse the situation.

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A Tale of Two Pizza Delivery Girls: One had a gun, the other was raped

For those of you who may have forgotten I recently covered a story concerning a female pizza delivery driver from Papa John’s who fought off two would be thieves/rapists by SHOOTING one of them in the face.

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Woman Home Alone Pulls Gun, Shoots, Ends Alleged Home Invasion 

On February 9, a woman home alone in Madison County, Alabama, pulled a gun and opened fire on four suspects who allegedly forced their way into her home.

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GOA Files Blockbuster Brief Before The U.S. Supreme Court!
-- Pratt hits the airwaves, selling the pro-gun position in the court of public opinion

Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
Springfield, VA 22151

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gun Owners of America filed its brief yesterday before the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of Dick Anthony Heller, who was denied the right to own a gun in the nation's capital as a result of the draconian gun ban which exists there.

In this hard-hitting brief, GOA takes aim at the weak arguments put forth by both the DC government and the Bush Administration. But more than that, GOA examines the favorable text and context of the Second Amendment in great detail, while also documenting the pro-gun history that formed the backdrop of its inclusion into the Bill of Rights.

The GOA brief even presents the greatest reason for the right to keep and bear arms, stating that "the Second Amendment right is to be exercised as a last resort to guard against tyranny."

GOA's Executive Director, Larry Pratt, has hit the airwaves recently, appearing on many talk shows and in newspapers to differentiate the GOA approach from the sullied road the President has taken. Pratt, along with other GOA spokesmen, has argued that the "bomb" which Bush's Solicitor General dropped last month (when he submitted his brief) would destroy the Second Amendment.

After all, the Bush administration's approach is that any and all guns can be controlled or banned if a federal court finds that to be "reasonable."

The GOA approach differs from many of the briefs that are being submitted to the high Court. For example, one brief which is being submitted by several legislators highlights Congress' position on the Second Amendment over the years. This can be a useful approach, to be sure.

But while the congressional brief concedes that the DC Council may have gone too far, it also says it's appropriate for the legislative branch to pass restrictions upon our Second Amendment rights -- a stance which is, in principle, not too different from the one the U.S. Solicitor General has filed.

That's where the GOA brief draws a "bright line" in the sand by repeating the amendment's wording "shall not be infringed" over and over again. For example, our brief states:

[T]he argument that "the right of the people" is subject to reasonable regulation and restriction tramples on the very words of the Second Amendment, reading the phrase -- "shall not be infringed" -- as if it read "shall be subject only to reasonable regulation to achieve public safety."

The GOA brief can be read online here. Several pro-gun groups joined GOA, including Gun Owners Foundation, Gun Owners of California, Maryland Shall Issue, Inc., Virginia Citizens Defense League, among others.

You will remember that last month, GOA alerted you to Rep. Virgil Goode's efforts to get President Bush to pull his brief before the Court. Thanks to your efforts, Rep. Goode has almost 50 congressional signatories on his letter. While the letter has already been sent to the President, Goode continues to solicit even more signatories and is sending those names to Bush as well. (GOA will provide you further updates and a list of the congressman who have cosigned the letter in an upcoming alert.)

Gun Owners of America is committing a significant portion of our available resources as we are fighting this battle in the courts, in the Congress and in the media.

If you would like to help do your part in covering the tremendous costs associated with this effort, please make a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you so much.

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