GOA Blasts Michael Sullivan As “Unfit for Office”

GOA Blasts Michael Sullivan As “Unfit for Office”
— Acting BATFE Chief shows himself to be as anti-gun as Ted Kennedy

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Tuesday, February 21, 2008

Gun Owners of America today hammered BATFE nominee Michael Sullivan as “unfit for office”‘ — characterizing him as a Massachusetts liberal who is cut from the same cloth as Ted Kennedy.

In its press release today, GOA called for Sullivan’s defeat and praised Senator David Vitter (R-LA) for holding Sullivan’s feet to the fire.

GOA members should have recently received a letter in the mail from GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt, asking them to send postcards to their two Senators and to President Bush in opposition to Michael Sullivan as BATFE Director.

ACTION: Please make sure that you send in your postcards (provided in the GOA mailing) to your two U.S. Senators and to the President. The postcards ask your Senators to OPPOSE the nomination of Acting Director Michael Sullivan, and urge President Bush to WITHDRAW his support for the Sullivan nomination.

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The full text of today’s GOA press release is as follows:


Gun Owners of America’s Executive Director, Larry Pratt, today blasted BATFE nominee Michael Sullivan as “unfit for office” — characterizing him as being “as anti-gun as Ted Kennedy.”

In a series of answers to interrogatories submitted by Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter, Sullivan revealed that:

* He would not rescind BATFE’s policy of revoking federal licenses for simple paperwork violations not involving “criminal intent;”

* He would not back down on BATFE’s illegal and abusive policies of harassing gun show attendees;

* He supports anti-gun legislation by New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, but opposes pro-gun legislation dealing with interstate transfers sponsored by conservative Republicans;

* He defends revoking a license of a dealer with a 99.96% accuracy rate — a rate which is far better than BATFE’s.

In fact, in dozens of responses to questions posed by Vitter, Sullivan refused to even feign a conciliatory tone.

“I didn’t expect pro-gun conservatism from Sullivan,” said Pratt. “But you would have thought he would have been less obvious in his efforts to repeatedly poke Vitter in the eye.”

GOA commended Vitter’s intention to continue to “hold” Sullivan’s nomination. “If Republicans expect the Second Amendment community to support their presidential candidate in November,” said Pratt, “they may want to reconsider packing a GOP administration with anti-gun zealots.”