WV: Demand Joe Manchin Restore 2A Rights

West Virginians demand that our Senators represent the will of the People, and more importantly, that they protect the rights of the People.

Senator Joe Manchin’s recent betrayal of West Virginians shows a loyalty to the Washington Swamp rather than the hardworking people of the Mountain State. As he supported the misnamed Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, he violated your Second Amendment rights.

It tramples on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens by bribing states to pass red flag gun confiscation, delaying gun purchases for young adults, opening a backdoor pathway to Universal Background Registration Checks, and more.

Plus, it will have no significant impact in stopping mass shootings and deterring gun violence. Pro-gun Rep. Boebert said in a press release, “This poorly written law was negotiated behind closed doors by a small group of Senate RINOs that do not reflect the interests and values of the American people.”

This is a textbook example of how the anti-gun Left capitalizes on the blood of the innocent to advance their agenda of control and disarmament of the American people.

To that end, Rep. Boebert introduced H.R. 8374 – the Shall Not Be Infringed Act. This bill would simply repeal the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

However, this bill has not yet received a Senate companion. If Joe Manchin seeks atonement for his numerous “Second Amendment sins,” introducing the Senate companion would be a good start.

Please urge Sen. Manchin to introduce a Senate companion to H.R. 8374. While we know this is a long shot, please send into GOA any response you may receive. 

Thank you for taking action.