For women, not resisting attackers can be a lethal strategy

The following story challenges the belief that resisting your attacker only escalates the violence. Just give them what they want and they’ll leave you alive, right?

Seattle residents Teresa Butz and her partner were in bed sleeping when Isaiah. M.K. Kalebu allegedly broke into their home and stabbed both multiple times. The women escaped the house, while Kalebu ran away. A neighbor heard somebody screaming for help and ran outside. Butz died at the scene from her injuries. A neighbor said Butz told him the attacker said that if they did what he asked, he wouldn’t hurt them. Her last words: “He lied, he lied.”

Kalebu is being held for investigation of murder, rape, attempted murder, and burglary. Police say that fingerprints and DNA evidence link him to the scene, and bail was set at $10 million.

This last detail is important, as the rest of the story will highlight.