VA: Richmond Now Moving to Limit Handguns to One a Month

Gov. “Blackface” Wants to Register Gun Owners and Impose Gun Rationing

Action Needed to Stop Handgun Rationing and Gun Owner Registration

The General Assembly is ramming, through the legislature, two anti-gun bills which limit handgun purchases to one a month.

Of course, such legislation would necessitate gun owner registration.

Because how else would they know whether you’re buying two handguns in a month, unless they’re keeping your name on record?

Both of these bills (SB 69 and HB 812) are still a threat, and the Governor “Blackface” Northam is strongly pushing them.

The Senate version (SB 69) exempts concealed carry permit holders while the House version (HB 812) has no exception for concealed carry permit holders.

Because the House and Senate have passed different versions of the same legislation, a conference committee must now iron out the differences between the bills before sending them back to each chamber for a final vote.

To be sure, the governor’s handgun rationing will not stop criminals who are intent on murdering others or make Virginia safer. In fact, Virginia’s one-handgun-a-month law (which was in effect from 1993-2012) did NOTHING to stop the Virginia Tech killer in 2007. He bought both of the handguns he used, during that massacre, more than a month apart.

So the handgun rationing law was irrelevant to stopping the killer from getting his guns.

What would have made Virginia Tech safer is a campus policy allowing teachers or any adult to carry their Concealed Carry weapons on campus. 

The killer would not have had such a free hand to murder in a gun-free school zone had such a policy been in place.  But Governor Northam instead wants local governments to enact even more gun free zones so other deranged and evil people can kill with impunity while law-abiding Virginians cannot defend themselves!

The Governor and legislature have no right to impose statewide handgun rationing on all law- abiding Virginians including those citizens who subjected themselves to more rigorous background checks to obtain their concealed carry permits.  Gun rationing is simply a step to gun confiscation on the installment plan.

For those who are purchasing guns for lawful self-defense — or any other use — it doesn’t matter how many guns they buy. The governor should not punish the law-abiding because of what criminals do. Criminals steal guns and don’t buy them from law-abiding gun dealers.

Bottom line: we cannot let these unjust laws pass. We need to let our voices be heard now! And later, we must do our part to ensure that every gun rights supporter is registered to vote (and does in fact vote).

We can and must become more engaged. So please send the pre-written messages (above) to your Delegate and Senator.

And follow this up with a phone call if you can spare the time. Again, you can determine who is your Delegate & Senator and what their phone numbers are, click here.

Finally, please make sure that you and your pro-gun family and friends are registered to vote.

Thank you for doing your part to defend the gun rights of everyone.