VA: BETRAYAL: GOP-Backed Gun Control Passes the House!

Four Republicans Voted for Gun Control

Dear friend,

Anti-gun Democrats in Richmond continue to spew tyranny from their despotic tongues.

They have advanced numerous gun control bills, including the “assault weapons” ban bill, HB 2. (You can read GOA’s breakdown of one of the worst “assault weapons” ban bills in the country here.) Additionally, HB 183 would criminalize gun owners for not securing their guns.

Additionally, all pro-gun bills — including Constitutional Carry — have been defeated.

However, this is business as usual for the anti-gun Left. Gun owners shouldn’t be surprised to see them wield their power to erase your right of self-defense.

What is more concerning, however, is when so-called “pro-gun” Republicans join anti-gunners in their efforts to disarm hardworking Virginians.

In fact, Republican Delegates Anne Tata, Carrie Coyner, Baxter Ennis, and Chad Green voted for anti-gun legislation that has passed the House of Delegates.

Delegates Coyner and Green voted for HB 46, which forces someone with a protective order to give up their guns to someone who lives different address and must be at least 21 years-old.

Delegates Coyner and Tata voted for HB 498, which requires schools to text parents about locking up their guns. Such legislation lays the groundwork for mandatory “safe storage” laws.

Delegate Ennis voted for HB 466, which heavily restricts concealed handgun permit reciprocity with other states.

Constituents of these Republicans should politely but firmly ask why they not only betrayed their campaign promises, but also their oath to the Constitutions. Conveniently, their phone numbers are below.

  • Coyner: 804-698-1075
  • Ennis: 804-698-1089
  • Tata: 804-698-1099
  • Green: 804-698-1069

Their betrayal also has political ramifications. Now, it will be harder to convince Gov. Glenn Youngkin to veto these bills because they are now “bipartisan.” After all, why should a Republican governor veto a bill when other Republicans support it?

Clearly, your Delegate, Senator, and Gov. Youngkin need to hear from you. Keep up the pressure and contact them now!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America