VA: More Anti-Gun Legislation Incoming

Restaurant Carry Ban Introduced

Dear friend,

A New Year is here, but anti-gun Democrats are still in their old, tyrannical ways. They have continued to announce their anti-gun agenda for the upcoming legislative session, which begins next week.

Recently, gun owners noticed the introduction of HB 2/SB 2, which bans so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines.  This bill also raises the age to possess an AR-15 to twenty-one.

Concerningly, the anti-gunners have now introduced SB 57, which bans carry in restaurants that serve alcohol (even for permit holders).

There’s a host of other gun control, including banning legally-owned auto sears, a ban on carry in hospital and medical facilities, and a three-day waiting period before a firearm is transferred.

To make matters worse, more gun control bills are expected to be introduced.

If this gun control agenda is passed, the Old Dominion’s gun laws will be similar to the anti-gun hellscapes of New York or California.

Virginians cannot let this happen. I need you to take two actions to stop the anti-gun assault.

First, contact your state delegate and senator to oppose the gun control agenda. Next, make plans to attend Lobby Day on January 15th. GOA’s Erich Pratt will be a guest speaker, and you will have the opportunity to lobby your representatives in person.

Thanks in advance for taking action!

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America