Another Vote Coming

Keep the Heat on your Congressman
— Terrorism Bill Coming to a Vote Next Week

(Friday, March 8) — House Republicans are still determined to bring the government terror bill to a vote next week. It now appears the House will consider H.R. 2703 instead of H.R. 2768. This is NOT an improvement, however, since both bills contain the exact same provisions which are of concern to gun owners.

Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) is planning to introduce an amendment that removes many of the concerns which GOA has. Unfortunately, the amendment does not remove all of our concerns.1 And the amendment may make the bill just acceptable enough for a majority of House members. GOA has repeated time and time again that EVEN IF the bill were made perfect, passing the bill in the House sends it to a conference committee to be melded together with the Senate version. The Senate version also makes a major assault our Second Amendment freedoms — such as giving the BATF a pay raise of $100 million, allowing the military to enforce the law against civilians, permitting so-called roving wiretaps, etc. Once the bill goes to a conference committee, it becomes VERY difficult for members of either house to vote against the FINAL version.

For this reason, GOA would encourage gun owners to ask their Representatives to vote against ANY terrorism bill. The time to kill the anti-gun provisions is now. Let’s not just rely on a House-Senate conference committee to take care of the problems.


* Call your Representative (1-800-962-3524, 1-800-872-8513, or 202-225-3121) and ask him to oppose ANY version of the terrorism bill. They will not be able to remove enough provisions to make this a constitutional bill. It is as they say: “bad to the bone.” (There is still the concern that a study required by the bill could recommend that the Clinton administration put taggants in smokeless powder. This would mean registration of handloading and over-the-counter ammunition!) Even if the bill were made perfect, it would be mixed with the horrible Senate bill. Furthermore, there are over 60 amendments which have been offered for consideration — many of which are terrible. The wise course of action is to defeat the bill whenever you get the opportunity.

* Send a brand new Western Union mailgram opposing the terror bill to House Speaker Newt Gingrich, House Majority Leader Dick Armey and to your Representative (1-800-651-1GUN or 1486). Your phone bill will be charged for $8.95. (If your phone company does not participate with the Regional Bell Operating Companies — 10% of the phone companies do not — you will be charged or billed.)

Distribute this alert over the weekend at gun shows, gun clubs, and anywhere else you can!

1. The bill orders a study on tagging explosives (Sec. 304). While Rep. Barr’s amendment would exclude black powder from being considered in the study, it does not exclude smokeless powder — something which could be a serious concern to handloaders. In addition, the Barr amendment would not stop the federalization of many state crimes (Sec. 104) and the limitation on the right of gun owners to appeal bad court decisions (Title IX).