Ammo Ban In HR 1710

— Calls needed to help strip broad ammo ban from House bill

(Thursday, June 15) — The House Judiciary Committee yesterday voted for a broad ammunition ban, as three Republicans broke ranks to help Rep. Charles Schumer (D-NY) pass his amendment by a 16-14 vote. Schumer offered his measure as an amendment to the anti-terrorism bill (H.R. 1710).

The “cop-killer” bullet amendment would ban bullets on the basis of their armor-piercing ability rather than their component materials. This means, of course, that many standard types of bullets will be covered in this sweeping ban.

The following Republicans voted for the Schumer amendment: Frederick Heineman (NC), Michael Flanagan (IL) and Steve Chabot (OH).

According the Judiciary Committee, there were four relatively pro-gun Representatives who were absent: Howard Coble (R-NC), Steve Schiff (R-NM), Charles Canady (R-FL), and Rick Boucher (D-VA).

The Judiciary Committee will reconvene at 1:00 P.M. EDT today; and someone could move to reconsider yesterday’s vote.


* Call Reps. Heineman, Flanagan and Chabot. Urge them to switch their votes, should someone move to reconsider yesterday’s vote on the Schumer “cop-killer” ban. Here are their numbers:

				PHONE                    FAX

— Flanagan (IL) 202-225-4061 202-225-3128
— Heineman (NC) 202-225-1784 202-225-3269
— Chabot (OH) 202-225-2216 202-225-3012

* Even if you don’t live in their districts, point out that their vote will affect your Second Amendment rights. As a concerned citizen, you want them to uphold their oath of office and to stand for the Constitution which they swore to uphold. (If you don’t live in a district — or state — of one of the three Reps. listed above, call the one who is geographically closest to you. We need to let them know that gun owners are not pleased with continued infringements of our rights.)

P.S. If you’re still wondering who you should call, Rep. Flanagan (IL) could use most of the calls.