The Second Amendment and Military Grade Firearms

I, and many others, have written of the continual encroachment by the federal government on the rights of the American citizen and with unconstitutional expansion of government power. It has been so well documented that it should be “settled law” that our central government is currently, and for some time, operating outside its authority.

In light of the awful financial mess our central government, perpetrated by both parties, has placed us in; it may be prudent to know that our founders warned us of exactly this when Thomas Jefferson said: 

We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat in our drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labors and in our amusements, for our callings and our creeds… private fortunes are destroyed by public as well as by private extravagance. 

This is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on, till the bulk of society is reduced to mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering… And the fore horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression.”

Here Thomas Jefferson is showing that governments, by their nature, will become oppressive to the people. Power and human frailties will always, eventually, devolve to despotism and tyranny against the very same people that entrusted them with their lives and freedom.

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