Tell Congress to DEFUND and REPEAL the ATF’s new UBC rule

The ATF just published their new rule to essentially create backdoor Universal Background Registration Checks.

It’s just as egregious as we’ve come to expect from a rogue executive branch that flat out hates gun owners and the Constitution.

The rule would require a Federal Firearm License (FFL) and a background check on ANY firearm transaction where the ATF deems that any kind of “profit” is made.

It’s beyond chilling that the ATF is virtually OUTLAWING private firearm transactions to ensure the government gets its hands on your personal information and transaction records for their illegal gun registry.

We warned that this exact situation would happen when John Cornyn and the other back-stabbing Republicans voted for the Cornyn-Murphy “compromise” – and we were right!

Right now, our lawyers are combing through the ATF’s new rule and preparing a lawsuit to defend your God-given rights.

But Congress can’t sit idly by while rogue ATF bureaucrats usurp their legislative power.

That’s why we need YOU to call on them to DEFUND this rule during the appropriations process and use the Congressional Review Act to REPEAL it as soon as possible.

Please add your name to our prewritten letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them to DEFUND and REPEAL the ATF’s new rule.

Rumors had indicated that the ATF’s rule would make it illegal for you to sell more than 5 firearms without a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and conducting background checks.

But the official version of the rule is even more draconian: “Even a single firearm transaction, or offer to engage in a transaction… may be sufficient to require a license.”

If you sell just ONE FIREARM and the ATF decides that your motivation was to earn a profit, you could be facing 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

As you read further, it doesn’t get any better…

  • The rule spends four pages listing what you cannot do before providing a convenient catch-all sentence warning that the list they just gave is “not exhaustive.”
  • It also states that the rule is “unlikely” to cover selling your gun to an immediate family member – but leaves open the possibility that ATF could change their mind. Very reassuring!
  • If you take good care of your firearms so they look “new,” or they’re still in the original packaging, the ATF will automatically assume you’re reselling them for a profit.
  • But don’t worry, the ATF will grant exceptions for firearms you sell in order to obtain additional firearms that they deem are “valuable, desirable, or useful” enough for a personal collection. Unless of course, the ATF simply decides that your firearms aren’t “collectable” – or that you had some intention of earning a profit.
    You can see how this rule would be ripe for abuse, giving the ATF the ability to come after almost anyone who conducts a private firearm transaction.

The goal is to force private sellers to either become “dealers” that are regulated by the ATF or stop conducting firearm transactions for fear of running afoul of this new rule.

But with your support, we can DEFUND the rule so the ATF has no ability to enforce it…

…and even if Biden vetoes legislation to REPEAL the rule, the vote will send a powerful message to the courts that the ATF has overstepped their authority.

Right now, we have allies on Capitol Hill who are working to defund this rule. But these congressmen want public support to put pressure on the rest of the Congress.

The Biden Administration’s latest offensive against the Second Amendment is taking the form of a pincer movement.

On the one hand, they’re trying to close off private purchases by forcing virtually any American who wants to buy a firearm to go through a federally licensed dealer.

But at the same time, they’re using their “zero-tolerance” policy to deliberately put as many of these federally licensed firearm dealers out of business as possible.

Pretty soon, it will be difficult to purchase a firearm anywhere…

…Which is EXACTLY what they want.

Stopping Americans from buying firearms is the first step.

Once the number of gun owners has declined, the ATF can use the illegal national gun registry they’ve compiled to come after the firearms you already own.

It’s critical that gun owners band together and hold the line here.

So please, add your name to our prewritten letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them to DEFUND and REPEAL the ATF’s new rule.