10/99 Armenian, Chinese Lessons on Failure of Gun Control

Does Gun Control Stop Crime?
Just ask the Armenians.
How about school violence — do gun restrictions keep schools safe?
Just ask the Chinese.
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(Oct. 28) — Recent shootings in the gun control “utopias” of China and Armenia should put to rest the idea that restricting guns has anything to do with crime control.

Gun control did not stop several gunmen from shooting up the Armenian Parliament yesterday, nor did it stop a crazed shooter from wounding several students in China (Source: Associated Press, 10/25/99).

Our own experience here should tell us that the most heavily regulated areas of our country tend to be the most violent. Washington, DC has some of the strictest gun restrictions in the nation, and yet it frequently has the highest murder rate.

Anti-gun advocates claim that criminals simply get their guns in Virginia, where guns are more easily available. Yet the question they never answer is: If the guns in Virginia are the problem, then why are those guns not killing people in Virginia at a higher rate? Why do the guns only become a problem in DC?

The answer should be obvious: it’s not the guns, stupid. Guns are more easily available in the city of Arlington, VA, which is just across the river from DC. Yet Arlington has a murder rate that is 36 times lower than the murder rate in Washington. The fact is, criminals know they are safer in DC, where the potential victims have been disarmed.

Oppose the anti-gun juvenile crime legislation. Gun control is a charade. Just ask the Armenians and the Chinese!