6/05 Oppose The Moran Gun Ban!

Oppose The Moran Gun Ban!

June 14, 2005

Dear Representative:

Rep. Jim Moran will offer an amendment today — an amendment to the State, Justice and Commerce appropriation bill (HR 2862) — that will ban the export of .50 caliber firearms.

Gun Owners of America would encourage a “NO” vote on this amendment, which is yet another attack on the Second Amendment.

Recent elections have shown that the American people are impatient with officials who would revoke their constitutional rights. President Clinton lamented to Charlie Gibson on ABC’s Good Morning America in 1999 that, “This [Republican] Congress came to power after the 1994 elections because in critical races the people who voted for more modest things, like the Brady bill… got beat. They got beat, Charlie!”

And then in 2001, Senator Joe Lieberman admitted to USA Today that gun control cost Al Gore the White House. Democrats, he said, “lost a number of [pro-gun] voters who on almost every other issue realized they’d be better off with Al Gore.”

Again, please vote “NO” on the Moran amendment. Gun Owners of America will be rating this vote and reporting it to our members.


Larry Pratt

Executive Director