10/99 Coalition to Protect Constitutional Liberties

Coalition to Protect Constitutional Liberties

October 20, 1999

Dear Representative:

We would urge you to oppose the conference report on the juvenile justice bill if, as we expect, that report:

    * emasculates the House provisions designed to prevent tragedies such as the one at Columbine by emphasizing discipline, personal responsibility, and faith in God;
    * contains nearly the full panoply of Clinton-backed anti-gun provisions originally approved in the Senate;
    * obliterates privacy and individual rights in a variety of areas, including warrantless interception of electronic communications and a vast expansion of seizure and forfeiture of property for non-federal crimes; and
    * expands the federal judiciary.

The Constitution should not be held hostage to a media-induced crisis. We urge you to stand up for common sense, morality, and constitutionality by rejecting this ill-conceived conference report.

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center     Paul M. Weyrich
Coalitions for America
Jim Boulet, Jr.
English First     Lisa S. Dean
Free Congress Foundation
Amy Ridenour
The National Center for Public Policy Research     Larry Pratt
Gun Owners of America
Kevin L. Kearns
U.S. Business and Industry Council     Robert G. Mills
U.S. Family Network

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