11/03 Oppose S. 1774: Plastic Gun Ban

Please Oppose S. 1774
Gun Owners of America
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November 5, 2003

Dear Senator:

S. 1774 is a bill that would renew an unconstitutional ban on plastic guns. Such guns have never existed, and they may never.

If such a gun ever is developed, do you think that S. 1774 will keep it out of the bad guys’ hands? If so, this will be the first of all our 20,000 or so gun laws to keep murderous and larcenous men from obtaining the means of their evil trade.

Has the Congress taken care of real problems relating to terrorism? Namely, has the Transportation Safety Administration been forced to arm pilots? Not unless 200 or more pilots (out of 100,000-plus) is anyone’s idea of arming pilots.

Why not spend time offering real solutions to airport security? You might even have the TSA hire Nathaniel Heatwole to instruct the TSA on how to tighten their “security” procedures at airports. Heatwole is the North Carolina student who successfully smuggled boxcutters and other weapons on several planes. He was only caught because he emailed the Transportation Safety Agency about what he had done.

But before you make the TSA hire Mr. Heatwole, why not let any pilot with a concealed carry permit take a gun inside the cockpit so we can have effective homeland security. Obviously, we will never have armed pilots as long as the TSA is allowed to mismanage this program.

Gun Owners of America would ask that you vote against S. 1774, or the House passed version (H.R. 3348). We will count any vote as a ratings vote. Thank you.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director