10/05 The House Vote On S. 397

The House Vote on S. 397

October 18, 2005

Dear Representative:

Tomorrow, you are likely to be asked to vote on S. 397. It is a pro-gun bill hiding a gun control poison pill.

We need to protect the firearms industry from predatory lawsuits. That is the original intent behind S. 397.

Now it has a requirement that trigger locks be sold by retail firearms dealers. Not only is this unconstitutional, it is a bad policy. The government should not be suggesting that people lock up their safety, which is precisely the message being sent by S. 397.

And, as with seat belts, once they are in place, legislation will be passed requiring their use.

Please vote against S. 397. You can vote for H.R. 800 which has no anti-gun provisions and otherwise provides the same protection from predatory lawsuits.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director
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