11/99 VA Elections Prove Voters Don’t Want Gun Control

Once Again, the Voters Have Sent a Loud Message to Capitol Hill:
“We don’t want gun control!”

The results from Virginia’s elections are in and it’s obvious that the Democrats just don’t get it. They thought that support for gun control would help win elections, despite the fact that polls show that’s NOT what voters really want.

The Washington Post article below shows how the Democratic Party in Virginia was relying on GUN CONTROL to keep their majority in the state House.

They were using the Columbine tragedy and the supposed need for more gun restrictions to maintain their grip. Well, it didn’t work; and Republicans took control of the Virginia Assembly for the first time ever.

Va. Democrats Pin Hopes on Gun Control
Party Determined to Beat Tough Campaign Odds
By Craig Timberg
and William Branigan
Washington Post Staff Writers

Virginia Democrats, faced with tough odds in Tuesday’s state legislative elections, have seized on gun control and the fear of another Columbine-type school massacre as their best hope to stem a decade of Republican gains in Northern Virginia and other suburban battlegrounds.

With just days of campaigning left, Democratic strategists have….

The lesson is clear: gun control is a loser.

Please don’t support any anti-gun “compromises” on the juvenile crime bill.

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