2/26/98 Larry Pratt Tours Illinois To Denounce Al Salvi’s Sell-Out

Larry Pratt To Tour Illinois
News Release
Contact: Dennis Fusaro 703-321-8585
February 26, 1998
GOA to Al Salvi: You can run, but you can’t hide from the gun issue!

Springfield, VA — Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, will be touring Illinois from Monday, March 2, through Friday, March 6, 1998. Mr. Pratt will be meeting with GOA’s members and supporters to discuss the candidates and issues in the upcoming March 17th primary.

“I’ll be making sure gun owners through out Illinois are reminded of the flip-floppers running for Governor and Secretary of State,” said Pratt. “Al Salvi signed a GOA member’s Bible the night of the November ’96 election promising not to sellout his support for the Second Amendment, but he has blatantly walked away from his vow and cannot be trusted to stand for anything.”

Both statewide candidates, Al Salvi and George Ryan, have bounced back and forth on the issue of guns and gun owners’ rights. Seasoned observers have noted that both have sought the support of gun owners when it was convenient to their political ambitions.

“It is reported that Al Salvi is looking for an office in which guns and the Second Amendment are not an issue,” remarked Pratt, “I expect very soon that our members and supporters will remind Mr. Salvi that he can’t run away from the gun rights issue.”

GOA is in the process of contacting tens of thousands of its members and supporters across Illinois with its candidate survey results. Mr. Pratt has scheduled appearances with grassroots groups and GOA members from Rockford to the Chicago suburbs, Springfield and Carbondale, and the St. Louis suburbs.

Pratt will also be meeting with pro-gun candidates in several key races as he travels about the state. To arrange interviews call GOA’s Springfield, Virginia headquarters at 703-321-8585.

GOA is a no-compromise, grassroots organization of 150,000 hardworking members. GOA opposes gun control and works for the rights of gun owners across America.