3/12/97 GOA Applauds Chenoweth’s Introduction Of HR 1009

GOA Hails Rep. Chenoweth’s Bill
Contact: Kathleen Gennaro   703-321-8585
March 12, 1997

(Springfield, VA) — Gun Owners of America today announced its support for Rep. Helen Chenoweth’s bill to fully repeal the Lautenberg gun ban. The Lautenberg ban, which was passed at the end of the Congressional session last year, disarms millions of citizens for having committed minor offenses and prevents them from owning guns for life. Rep. Chenoweth (R-ID) introduced her repeal bill (H.R. 1009) late yesterday. “This law is one of the worst gun bans in years,” said GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt. “Millions of citizens have been disarmed for life, in many cases, for offenses so minor their offense did not even warrant a jury trial.”

Gun Owners of America vigorously opposed the Lautenberg ban last year as it represents one of the worst gun control laws passed in decades. After the ban passed, the New York Times hailed the gun ban as “progress on gun control.” And more recently, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the problems which GOA warned about are now in fact occurring. According to the December 23, 1996 article in the Wall Street Journal, the gun ban is now:

    * Disarming many policemen across the country;

    * Disarming men and women for very minor domestic disputes (even just shouting matches) that occurred as far back as 20 years ago; and is

    * Threatening to disarm any parent who has been convicted for simply spanking their children.

“This law needs to be repealed in full,” Pratt said. “While there may be other so-called Lautenberg repeals in the Congress, only the Chenoweth bill will fully repeal the ban.”

Pratt called on Congress to fully negate the ban and to not just settle for a partial repeal. “Don’t just ‘tweak’ the law. A sick patient needs the entire cancer removed, not just pain killers to ease the pain.”