GOA Calls for the Supreme Court to Repudiate ObamaCare

GOA Calls for the Supreme Court to Repudiate ObamaCare

Gun Owners of America has called for the Supreme Court to resist the threats and intimidation of the liberal media, and to recognize ObamaCare for the unconstitutional power-grab that it is.

GOA has been a major opponent of ObamaCare since the winter of 2009, when we went into Iowa, Wyoming, and Utah to crush the ‘bipartisan negotiations’ over the bill.  Now that 59% of the American people believe ObamaCare should be repealed in whole or in part, Gun Owners of America has stepped up its opposition to this abomination.

Mike Hammond, legal counsel for Gun Owners of America, outlined the case for the involvement of Second Amendment groups:  “Under ObamaCare, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives could troll a federal database for victims of ADHD and PTSD -– and could take away their Second Amendment rights with a keystroke.”

Recently, The Washington Post [Robert Barnes, “Will Conservatives Save Obamacare?” Outlook, page 1, March 18, 2012] joined an earlier piece by the New York Times in threatening to attack the Supreme Court if it had the temerity to apply the Constitution and overturn the law.  Dan Gerstein, a former aide to Senator Joe Lieberman, made the same threat on Fox News this afternoon.

But Hammond called on the court to “ignore threats and intimidation by a desperate and repudiated liberal media.”  “In the end,” said Hammond, “the court will be respected if it follows the Constitution and its conscience.”

GOA’s amicus brief can be read at:  http://gunowners.com/pdf/DHHSvFlorida_Amicus.pdf. (Link no longer available)