GOA Denounces Lautenberg’s Gun Ban And Registration Bill

(Springfield, VA) — Gun Owners of America today denounced Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s so-called “Homeland Security Gun Safety Act.”

“This would be better known as the Purchase Ban and Registration Bill,” said GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt.

“The bill creates a huge loophole that allows federal officials to shut down all firearm sales in the country. Equally horrendous, the bill allows those same officials to register gun owners’ names indefinitely.

“Registration of firearms is precisely the technique that the Nazis used to confiscate guns from the Jews — and ultimately, from all non-Nazi party members in Germany. Once the Jews were disarmed, genocide was committed.

“The law the Nazis used was not theirs. It was passed five years before they came to power. Has the Senator learned nothing from history?” asked Pratt.

Other measures in the Lautenberg bill would allow a Clinton-Gore administration to stop all firearms sales across the country. The bill says that whenever the Homeland Security Threat Level reaches ‘elevated,’ federal officials can take as long as they want to approve or deny background checks. Of course, our country has been at an ‘elevated’ or higher Threat Level since the warning system was created following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“Again, Lautenberg seems to have learned nothing from history,” Pratt said. “England, an island nation, has a gun ban. And what has been the result? A sharp increase in crime committed with illegal guns in the hands of criminals.

“The best way to keep the peace is to have an armed populace. Lautenberg’s proposals will only increase crime just like all other gun control laws do,” Pratt concluded.