Post Columnist Backs Armed Pilots — Will President Bush?

Washington Post Columnist Backs Armed Pilots — Will President Bush?

For Immediate Release
June 05 2002
Contact: Andrew Said

(SPRINGFIELD, VA) — Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, today commended Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen for his endorsement yesterday of armed pilots.

Cohen is an advocate of strict gun control, but argues that like armed police officers, “armed pilots would also be a deterrent” to terrorists.

“It is high time President Bush stopped letting an anti-gun former Congressman like Norm Mineta make policy based on his personal prejudices,” said Pratt. “The President must choose between arming pilots or some day having to order a civilian airliner shot down.”

Cohen, who is normally opposed to the idea of citizens being armed, finds it strange that Gov. George Bush signed into law a measure permitting civilians to carry concealed firearms, while as President he opposes arming pilots. Most Americans find it strange as well.

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