San Diego Shooting Shows Need for More Armed Adults At Schools

“Once again, a murderer has taken a gun into a so-called ‘gun free zone’ and encountered no resistance,” said Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

“The only thing the San Diego gunman was shot with was a video camera. School personnel with concealed carry permits need to be encouraged to have guns at work. Then school gunmen could be deprived of their fifteen minutes of glory.

“Would be school killers need to be put on notice that they are likely to end up in a body bag as soon as they start shooting.

“Notice where the gunman chose to act out his cowardly deed — in a school zone where every adult is disarmed by law. The gunman did not break into a home to make his headline-grabbing news. Why not? Because in someone’s home, he might get shot.

“Hopefully California legislators see the problem. California has more gun control than almost all other states. They have made it more likely that such a tragedy can be perpetrated in their state because of the restrictive gun laws on the books.

“England, an island with a gun ban, now has a higher violent crime rate than do we in the U.S. If a gun ban results in more crime, what makes anyone think that gun control laws short of a ban will work any better?

“California needs to get rid of gun control laws. Until they do, they are telling the law abiding of the state that they have no other choice than to be victims,” concluded Pratt.