PA: Rep. Rob Mercuri Betrays Gun Owners

Endorsement Revoked!

I regret to inform you that State Representative Rob Mercuri (R-28) has betrayed gun owners and voted for HB 714, Universal Background Check (UBC) gun registration.

Because of this, Gun Owners of America is revoking Representative Mercuri’s previous endorsement.

Let’s be clear on one thing. Given the razor-thin Democratic majority in the PA House, the ONLY way gun control can pass is with Republican support. Sadly, Rep. Mercuri and eight other Republicans teamed with radical Democrats to violate your constitutional rights.

UBCs are the gateway to gun registration and confiscation. After UBCs are in place, the next step for gun-grabbers would be to mandate a centralized registry to trace guns, and then finally seize them.

That’s why I need you to send a message to Rep. Mercuri, expressing your displeasure over his anti-gun vote by using the form above. Let him know that you consider this a violation of your constitutional rights and a betrayal of Pennsylvania gun owners.

Message restricted to Rep. Mercuri’s constituents only.