Obama Bans the Importation of Guns but NOT of Ebola

Once again the Obama administration proves just how much they hate guns, not in the direct attack of the 2nd Amendment but rather in the manner it handles itself when actual threats toward this country present themselves.

In Executive Order 13661, the Treasury Department was authorized to sanction the Russian Gun Maker Kalashnikov Concern and block the importation of further weapons.  The firearms that are now blocked from being imported include Saiga rifles and shotguns, most notably their AK line.

Obama continues to block the re-importation of 600,000  M1 Carbines as well as 80,000 Garands that are both historical and collectible as they were the surplus of the firearms used by US troops and South Koreans during the Korean Conflict from 1950-1953.  But as Obama has proven in recent times he has little interest in bringing home those who have served the US military.

So Obama continues to block the importation of firearms under the guise of keeping people safe.

Of course it is a lie.  His Executive Orders are the only way he can circumvent the will of the people and subvert their free exercise of liberty in regards to the Second Amendment.  It pushes forth his anti gun agenda and rabid gun control dreams.  Obama could care less about keeping Americans safe.

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