Ex-‘regulatory czar’ uses slick sleight of hand to justify banning modern guns

The Obama administration’s former ‘regulatory czar,’ Cass Sunstein, is a man with some . . . interesting ideas (at least to those who find raving lunacy “interesting”). He has advocated banning hunting, and argued even for providing a mechanism for animals to file lawsuits against humans. He has written a book about the “problem” of free speech, and cited the gun rights debate as an example of why he thinks there should be an Internet equivalent of the “fairness doctrine,” so he and his fellow forcible citizen disarmament advocates can better compete against gun rights advocates online.
Perhaps as a gift to those of us who enjoy irony, he recently wrote a column for Bloomberg, titled “Gun Debate Must Avoid Crazy 2nd Amendment Claims.” In it, he wastes little time before making, well . . . crazy Second Amendment claims. For example:
The rise of the Second Amendment as a serious obstacle to U.S. gun control legislation is astonishingly recent.
Its rise is a tribute less to the vision of the Founding Fathers than to the skill, money and power of the contemporary gun-rights movement, which has not only exerted disproportionate influence on Congress, but also helped transform the landscape of constitutional argument.
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