What This Hollywood Megastar Just Revealed Will Have Obama’s Gun Grabbers Mad As Hornets

Just about a month ago, Western Journalism posted a piece that disclosed the abject hypocrisy of a Hollywood action star whose career has been built on films in which he uses guns — all sorts of guns to shoot all kinds of bad guys.

Despite the fame and fortune derived from his gun-toting movie roles, Liam Neeson has come out as a fervent supporter of far stricter gun control in America. In our post, Neeson is quoted as saying, “It’s the right to bear arms which is the problem.”

Well, now another Hollywood heavyweight with a film career that surpasses that of Liam Neeson has made it known that he finds the right to bear arms no problem at all. In fact, says Brad Pitt, he doesn’t really feel that his family is safe unless there is a gun in his home.

Western Journalism