White House Immediately Politicizes Shooting that Occurred in Oregon Gun Free Zone, Calls for more Gun Control

The White House moved quickly to politicize a mass shooting today at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, which already bans guns on campus property.

According to multiple White House reporters, Obama press secretary Josh Earnest reacted to the news not by offering federal assistance to local law enforcement agencies still struggling to get the situation under control, but by noting that President Barack Obama still supports “common sense” gun control regulations.

Although reports are highly fluid, it appears that at least 15 people are dead as a result of the massacre, with at least 20 individuals injured. The identities and motivations of those responsible for the mass shooting in Oregon are not yet known.

White House demands for increased gun control ring hollow, however, given that Umpqua Community College, the site of the mass shooting, is a gun-free zone. School policy bans the possession of firearms on campus property. A cached web page of the school’s safety and security policy, pictured below, states that “[p]ossession, use, or threatened use of firearms…on college property…is prohibited.”

Directly below the school’s notice of its gun ban is a section entitled, “Don’t Be a Victim,” which includes advice such as “[w]alk in groups when possible” and “don’t look like a victim[.]”

Oregon recently passed a law requiring so-called universal background checks on all firearms purchases in the state. That law took effect in August.

The Federalist