How Leftist Lies About Gun Violence Win the Perception War

While reading a piece from Bloomberg about how the USA Olympic Shooting team doesn’t have any large corporate sponsors, I came across an interesting sentence:

“The rise in gun violence and mass shootings in the US have attached a stigma to shooting as a sport, they say.”

Author David Biller doesn’t qualify the sentence. It stands alone as a statement of fact, without any clarification or supplemental information. If I were an average news consumer, I might read that sentence, and simply believe it as gospel truth. Gun violence and mass shootings are on the rise? Ok.


The notion that gun violence and mass-casualty shootings are “on the rise” is one that’s fostered by the leftist media in order to promote stricter gun control laws. Reporting like Biller’s seems innocuous, but in actuality, these faux “facts” soak into the American consciousness.