Idiotic Logic of the Left and Gun Control

(News with Politicians who support gun control and gun control advocates are either ignorant, power hungry control freaks, or delusional idealists. Ignorance would mean simply lacking in knowledge of the subject but because of their positions and touted “research” they should know the subject. Power hunger control freaks would indicate a desire to subjugate a population under their perspective of reality regardless of facts. And finally delusional idealists believe that all mankind can live in such a way as to make weapons unnecessary and that we can force this position by simply taking away the weapons.

Each and every position is lacking in common sense and logic. First: history of mankind has shown that violence by man against man has always taken place. Some have argued that it is human nature but in a civilized society we try to provide mechanisms to allow alternatives to violence. For many of us that is sufficient, for others – not so much. Secondly: for whatever reason; some people seemed to be pre-disposed to violence. Jack the ripper, who still evokes terror and disgust from society, did his deeds with a knife. Whether you call it a mental derangement or just plain evil there are bad people in the world, there always has been and there always will be. Lastly; to believe a utopian ideal can be accomplished by forcing people to do so is delusional on its face. The vast majority of people when facing starvation or watching their loved ones starve will do things they normally would not do to save them – steal, fight, and perhaps even kill to save the lives of themselves and their loved ones.

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