Why I Will Waste No More Votes On The GOP

We returned to this country from the mission field in 1989, pleased to see how much progress had been made in the so-called conservative movement.

I worked hard in the Republican Party, but quickly found that my county was not unique in its supercilious attitude toward Christians and Constitutionalists. It allowed us to work hard on the platform committees, grudgingly tossing us a bone that we might be kept within the fold and our votes might be kept secure. But it never considered, for even a moment, the possibility of standing on that platform. Even Bob Dole in 1996 callously dismissed the outstanding platform given him by countless thousands of hard working precinct workers across the land.

The Party Spirit against which George Washington warned is in control of the Republican Party. How many times do we hear its leaders exhort members to, “just vote straight party.” Such an exercise in blind loyalty is the mindset that made Hitler possible. I have never voted straight party in my life, nor will I. My vote for the candidate who closest represents my convictions in every election in which I’m privileged to participate is a responsibility I hold dear. That candidate is not always a Republican. Where it is, I’ll continue to support– on a case by case situation. There are still some good guys out there, but they are quite often considered mavericks and unreliable by Republican leadership, shut out from the decision-making process.

The Republican Party gives lip service to “conservatism,” then turns a blind eye to its elected representatives in Washington who vote against those very principles time and again. The Republican Party is run by prostitutes who believe that victory is everything. Fine. In that case, I shall do all in my power to deny them that which they want most– victory.

The old scare tactic of, “A vote for a third party is a vote for Gore,” will no longer work. If Spotted Owl Gore is elected, it will be because the Republicans offer the voters no candidate of Constitutional principles to oppose Socialist Party “A”, and therefore, they deserve to lose.

This discipline of withholding my vote from what has become Socialist Party “B” is far from a wasted vote, it is a principled vote of punishment. The GOP has it coming, and perhaps, just perhaps one more good licking will cause them to wake up and start forcing their candidates to represent the platform that represents an alternative to Socialism and Social Engineering and Marxism. If so, then my vote will not have been wasted. If not, the party needs to die, and it is our duty to hasten the day.

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

I exhort my friends to work for the election of candidates of principles, who will work toward a return to Constitutional rule of Law, and who will quickly begin to untangle the globalist chains which are deliberately destroying our national sovereignty. If we do not, then this Republic will die, and then what value is to be found in maintaining political parties which have sold us down the river to the New World Order?

I exhort my friends to waste no more votes on the Republican Party at the national level. Instead, I exhort them to cast votes of principle, and leave victory in the hands of God. Our job is to be obedient to our principles. I cannot change the world alone, but I do have ten friends whom I believe I can convince of the necessity of no longer wasting their votes. And if enough people do that, then the Republicans may find themselves the Third Party in many states within just a few years! Their survival depends on their reaction to large numbers of people who decide that in the year 2000 they will not waste their votes. Frankly, having seen what they did with the “revolution” of 1994, I don’t think they’re smart enough to figure it out.

© 1999 Daniel New
Permission to repost in full is granted.