Christie Whitman & Republican Legislators Push for New Handgun Ban

New Jersey gun owners remembering back to 1991 should recall the overwhelming success of their efforts against the political followers of Jim Florio. Gun owners, outraged over the 1990 Democratic semi-auto ban (passed by the one critical vote of Republican Senator Bill Gormley), reverted control of both the N.J. Senate and Assembly back to Republicans with strong veto proof margins. In return, Republicans made a symbolic showing to overturn the Florio gun ban, with Republican Senate President Donald DiFrancesco ultimately orchestrating its final defeat in the Senate. (Read the expose “Floriogate”)

In 1993, gun owners once again presented intense opposition to entrenched Governor Florio, electing Christine Whitman on her promise to legislatively review the 1990 gun ban, and to support the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding firearms owners. Gun owners contributed massive campaigning efforts on behalf of Whitman, including phone banks, fax networks, donations, and personal sacrifice well beyond any other group.

If Only They Saw It Coming!

Since taking full control of the New Jersey Legislature and Governor’s office, Republicans have also taken an active and aggressive (though quiet) lead in destroying your 2nd Amendment rights, as well as other freedoms. Confidently aware that you currently have no other political alternatives, still strongly supported by NRA and the state’s major “pro-gun” groups, and arguing that you are better to support anti-gun Republicans over anti-gun Democrats, Republicans have been consciously moving toward a gun free state for the past 6 years.

Legislation authored in 1993 by Republican Steve Corodemus proposed to automatically revoke the Firearms ID Card and forfeit all firearms of anyone committing a crime as minor as bouncing a check. Republican Assembly Speaker Chuck Haytaian proposed a mandatory life prison sentence for anyone even thinking of privately selling 10 or more guns over their lifetime without a N.J. State firearms dealers license; later aligning with rabid Democratic gun grabber Frank Lautenberg in support of Clinton’s 1994 federal semi-auto ban.

In fact, since their election into the majority, Republicans have found no shortage of sponsors for their various gun bans and assorted other criminal attacks upon your rights– clearly becoming more driven toward this goal in recent years.

NRA “A” rated Republican Alan Augustine authored a de-facto bullet ban in a proposal to outlaw all bullets which “fragment, expand, or deform.” Republican Tom Smith proposed a ban on all “easily concealable handguns.” Responding to the complaints of gun owners forced to pay illegal and exorbitant permit application fees to police and municipalities, Republican Walter Kavanaugh proposed a statewide, unconstitutional, 750% permit fee increase. Republican Kavanaugh even misused the N.J. State Police in an attempt to squash GONJ’s criticism of his actions– filing charges which would be later found fraudulent and absurd.

Republican Dick Zimmer campaigned for the support of gun owners during his many years in the NJ legislature– arguing against the Florio gun ban, and raking in both campaign cash and countless volunteers. After gun owners elected him to Congress, Zimmer first repaid gun owners for their efforts by voting the unconstitutional Brady Bill into law. Then, when heavy pressure from gun owners across the country weakened Republican support for Clinton’s 1994 semi-auto ban, it was exclusively the efforts of Zimmer and his Megan’s Law amendment which not only revived the near dead legislation, but helped ensure the extra two Republican votes that Clinton and Congressman Schumer desperately needed to get it passed.

Republicans helped pass both the state and federal versions of the now infamous Lautenberg domestic violence gun ban– legislation which mandates the confiscation of all one’s firearms for the slightest marital argument, and which has actually brought dozens of machine-gun carrying police SWAT teams to the doors of N.J. gun owners who allowed a verbal family dispute to go beyond household walls.

Republican Nick Felice sponsored legislation which would have effectively banned all gunpowder used in reloading. Republicans also proposed mandating criminal penalties for anyone not storing their firearms under lock and key at all times– effectively eliminating the right of self defense. In 1997, Republicans passed “Gun Trafficking” legislation authored by the state’s most anti-gun Democrats. Yet, even after it was documented to threaten law-abiding gun owners with 20 years mandatory prison terms for the most minor paperwork errors, Republicans refused to correct it.

Having lived for over 30 years under the most restrictive gun permit system in the U.S., gun owners of New Jersey have again been assaulted with a new layer of paperwork following Governor Whitman’s executive order mandating a new $15 state fee for a currently free federal background check. Violating existing N.J. Statutes, Whitman firmly insisted on placing instant check authority with the N.J. State Police, rather than allow firearms dealers to approve gun purchases with the FBI at no additional cost, and over more extended business hours.

Yet, Governor Whitman’s recent push for the not even available, so-called “smart gun technology” offers the greatest threat to firearm ownership we have seen. Having already been unanimously approved and recommend for a full vote by NRA “A” rated Republicans Kosco, Cafiero, and Bucco, this legislation authorizes a commission headed by the anti-gun attorney general’s office to determine what type, model and caliber handguns may be sold in this state. Exploiting the emotional argument of child safety, and ignoring the most basic fundamentals of gun safety already practiced by most lawful firearms owners, this legislation will totally ban the sale of all handguns not equipped with a safety feature not available, nor yet even invented. In this latest example of treachery, Kosco and the Republicans have assisted New Jersey’s most despicable gun grabber, DEMOCRATIC Senator Codey, in moving his long sought handgun ban legislation closer to reality.

Interestingly enough, Governor Whitman’s best friend, confidant, and former campaign manager, Hazel Gluck, is now the lobbyist for those same gun control organizations pushing this new gun ban legislation. This is, of course, the same personal friend and lobbyist that helped Whitman arm twist Republicans to vote for her now infamous car confiscation law– a connection which firmly places Republican Christie Whitman in bed with some of the most vehement gun grabbers in the entire country.

What You Can Do to Defend Your Rights

Copy and distribute this to other gunowners. Call Legislative Services (800-792-8630) for your legislators’ phone numbers, and voice your outrage. Call the Republican State Committee (609-989-7300) and remind them that there are several third parties which strongly support your 2nd Amendment rights. Remind Christie Whitman (609-292-6000) of her razor-thin reelection win over a political nobody, and that her gun ban agenda will drag her U.S. Senate or Vice Presidential bid down faster than she can say Elizabeth Dole. Call the NRA (800-392-8683) and demand they stop supporting anti-gunners of any political party. Get Involved!!!

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