Choosing To Stay Instead Of Visiting Antigua

Choosing To Stay In The US Instead Of Visiting Antigua

Charles Atkins
as published in Caribbean Net News

Dear Sir:

I was considering a trip to Antigua, but since the recent spate of violence on the island’s tourists, I choose to stay in America.

During the eighties, European tourists to Florida were routinely carjacked and murdered, and after a particularly gruesome attack, the tourists stopped coming. The Florida legislature sprung into action and liberalized the laws and allowed visitors to carry weapons, the attacks radically decreased, and the tourists returned.

I have the right to carry a concealed weapon in my home state of Arizona, and most of the rest of the United States, the places that do not allow concealed carry become second or third tier choices for my vacation destination.

A lot of misinformed perceptions about legal citizens carrying have been debunked, to the chagrin of the politicians; the streets don’t “run red with blood”; and the permit holders are less likely to escalate violence than an unarmed person.

Legal gun carrying owners understand the legal and moral ramifications of using deadly force, and criminals are less likely to prey on people that are armed.

Charles Atkins
Gilbert, AZ