Fighting the law-abiding doesn’t fight crime.

You don’t fight crime after the fact nearly as well as you fight crime during the fact. After the fact, when crime has come and gone, you have the score of Crime 1 and the People 0. You certainly do not fight crime by fighting the electorate over more laws criminals ignore anyway, and all gun control does nothing but fight the electorate and ignore criminals.

I am speaking of California Assembly Bill 962. You can read it all here.

Fundamentally, it restricts a citizen’s ammunition acquisition and transfer of ammunition to fifty rounds per month. A student goes through more than that in a two hour class. Police officers go through more than that in qualifying when they need to qualify for their weapons. My other observation is that most our police are just as honest as our citizens, but the law will exempt them as it will exempt them from Microstamping of ammunition soon. A lot of our laws restricting the sovereign exempt the servants of the sovereign, and it is this which does not fight crime, but fights the sovereign.

The entire legislature employs European Thinking in an American public service; lawmaking. Actually, that’s our job; they are hired to carry out our wishes, not their own.

Americans cannot use European thinking; it freezes the citizen out of the process and never works. Their idea of lawmaking circumvents our due process by infringement where the language of the Second Amendment states that it shall not be infringed. It’s another example of those German Philosophers who furnish blueprints of abuses of powers by continuing the crisis… after crisis…after crisis.

As I mention often, gun control isn’t supposed to work. Neither is ammunition control. The blueprints of governance from those German Philosophers calls for the 1800 guidance which has survived into the twenty-first century but good. It says, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’ It is the sum total of knowledge of all of those Philosophers. Crisis.

What is the difference between American thinking and European thinking? We’re both free, aren’t we?

No, we are not both free. We have a Constitution which was blueprinted on what we didn’t want any more of, and Europe lives by blueprints of German Philosophers who handed them more of what they didn’t want more of. Get it? You can see it all in almost any library. See Hegel.

There is nothing the California Legislature can say which will make any sense to the law abiding in how AB 962 fights crime. It won’t. You do not fight crime by criminalizing your taxpayer.

For years now, gun control has succeeded in back-door confiscations by restricting and punishing ammunition the type of ammunition, type of weapon, where it can be carried, owned or changed, then the regulation of ammo, then the amount you can buy and how you must qualify for that. Nothing new, just more of the same. Why? Because it works in Europe. It’s not supposed to work their either, but it depends on what you’re trying to get working. Gun control or Safety? You’ll never have both.

In America, you have to remember that millions of citizens who are now buying handguns are casting a vote of a sort, and it is a vote of non-confidence in our public servants, especially socialists. It may set up the Republicans to kick the democrats out of office and to the curb, as all of this will be in recent memory come the elections. If the Republicans are smart – and there is little available evidence that they are – they will make this a plank on their platform and even seriously consider the repeal of many gun laws which fail to fight crime and only hurt their constituents.

This is the time for republicans to take a gun owner to lunch.

You have to wonder why our public servants want to disarm their sovereign superiors. When non-gun owners elect to buy Guns, they have come to a decision and cast a vote of a sort.

Will the government respect the election?

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