Blue Dogs? Try Red Pelosi’s Pink Puppies

by retired California Senator H.L. “Bill” Richardson, founder of GOA

There are a small group of “conservative” Democrat congressmen that the mainstream media calls “Blue Dog Democrats.” If they are conservative, it’s irrelevant — they really are nothing more than convenient live bodies who keep Nancy Pelosi and her radical leftist friends breathing the happy air of congressional leadership.

Here’s how it works. Every two years, the political party that wins the majority of congressional seats takes control of Congress. The Democrats did that in 2008. To do so, they needed to win conservative-leaning districts that usually elected Republicans. The Democrat candidate who ran in these districts read the polls… So… they slyly hinted that they loved Rush Limbaugh, guns, and fiscal integrity — and so waving the flag, they campaigned as leaning to the right and won.

Once elected, what they campaigned on became totally irrelevant — because they became a part of the Democrat caucus which was predominately filled by liberal activists from the large states such as California, New York, Illinois and Michigan.

Having the numbers within the caucus, the radical left nominated and elected their own to leadership who then, with control of the Rules Committee, stacked the key committees with their own and thanked the Blue Dogs that made it all happen.

If really conservative, the Blue Dogs would by now, be truly blue. If they gave a damn for our country, they would do the following things:  re-register as Republicans or Independent, swear animosity to Pelosi and rabid liberalism, and promise to un-elect the darling damsel of the far left.

Think that will happen?  Fat chance. Once their fannies touch all that comfortable soft leather and bask in the warm praise they receive from the lobbyists, they pledge allegiance to that questionable lady from San Francisco and boldly lie to their constituency once more.  


Nobody knows the political process and how the left works better than retired Senator H.L. “Bill” Richardson, GOA’s founder and chairman.  His article above gives the true story of how Reid and Pelosi took control of the Congress for the left. It also gives YOU an idea of what you can do to make the critical changes we need in the current Congress.

First, send this article to your friends and relatives so it gets as much readership as possible.

Then, look at your own U.S. Senators and members of Congress. If they are the so-called “Blue Dogs” then you’d better help vote them out at Election time, so we can make the wholesale changes needed to protect America from the destruction which has been caused in the last year.

— Tim Macy, Vice-Chairman of Gun Owners of America