Should Guns Be Allowed in Church?

Late term abortionist George Tiller of Kansas was shot to death in a cowardly criminal act. The shooting was very troubling for many reasons, but especially because Tiller was shot while at church.

This is another in a string of fatal shootings that have recently taken place on ministry premises. Could these shootings be stopped by allowing worshippers to carry guns? Many states have laws that forbid Church goers from carrying firearms at church. Some states require the church to grant permission before a person can bring a concealed weapon.

Does this make churches vulnerable to attack by the deranged? Georgia legislature, Tim Bearden, thinks so. In 2008, Representative Bearden proposed a Second Amendment Protection Act. The act would have allowed the lawful carrying of a concealed weapon into a church. After the growing threats to church safety, Pastors should be allowed to protect their congregation in a proper manner from disgruntled citizens.

In an interview with Representative Tim Bearden, he argued that the need for this law is important when the facts are considered. “You look at Colorado [where Matthew Murray killed four at the Arvada missionary base and at a Colorado Springs church], or where protesters come into the middle of a Catholic Church and disturb the service…. Anytime you have gun free zone… a criminal knows that there are no fire arms there to deter them from taking as many lives as they want and then their own. We just thought that it is important for churches to be protected… Some churches on private property should be allowed to make their own decision on whether or not to allow concealed weapons to be carried.”

While the legislation did not pass there is still an effort to allow Christians to legally carry guns to church. Church shootings throughout the nation have heightened the awareness of the need for protection at churches.

A church in Louisville, Kentucky seems to agree with Bearden. Pastor Ken Pagano of the New Bethel Church is holding a service at his church this Sunday where attendees can bring their guns, and even win a free handgun. While the Pastor is asking that the guns be unloaded, the message is still very clear.

Is that right? Should Christians be able to carry guns in church? Do Christians forfeit their right to self-defense when they worship?

This article was posted on the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission website.