1/06 Global Deception

Global Deception

Larry Pratt

The UN, left to itself, will end up giving corruption and socialism a bad name. Joseph Klein has written Global Deception to show why. He pinpoints the UN’s greatest threat in his subtitle: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom.

The corruption of the UN leadership, and its heavy hitter supporters such as Canadian oil billionaire, Maurice Strong, is a litany of hypocrisy on a par with the glitterati of Hollywood. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Most readers are aware of Kofi Annan, the pious critic of greedy capitalists, who plunged so deeply into the Oil for Food scandal that he smells like an Iraqi oil well. Perhaps not as many are familiar with Maurice Strong who wants Americans to lose millions of job and to live in poverty so that his earth-hugging theories can be imposed on America — and the rest of the West. Strong is a Malthusian through and through who “knows” that it is impossible for Mother Earth to support as many people as are presently living. (Ever wonder why environmentalists don’t want DDT used that could have saved the millions who have died from malaria?)

This has not kept Strong from investing in a robber-baron auto company in Communist China so that he can export SUV’s at 30% under the competition now in the US. The Chery Automobile Company is a mega-polluter, but it seems to be OK if Strong is making money thereby.

The proper response to Maurice Strong’s pagan religion spelled out in his Earth Charter is laughter — more than any of the late night comedians can evoke. Strong actually cooked up a pompous ceremony for marching his Earth Charter into the UN’s holies of holies in New York City. The Charter was contained in an Ark of Hope — obviously for him, an improvement on the Ark of the Covenant which contained the Ten Commandments Moses brought down from the mountain. Strong’s pollution-belching SUV factory in China violates his own Earth Charter. Do you suppose that New York Times investigative reporters are, gas masks at the ready, on the trail of this?

But as Klein points out in Global Deception, corruption and hypocrisy is not the greatest threat to America’s freedoms. Rather, it is a very carefully developed stealth campaign to steal America’s freedoms while we are not looking.

He provides a detailed account of how the pro-abortion forces are working through Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to lobby at the UN (which funds many of the NGO’s) to advance socialism as the tyranny of choice for a world government run out of the UN.

After Klein reviews the workings of the pro-abortion NGO’s, he ends up with a general game plan that is being followed in other areas such as guns. This is the heart of the stealth campaign against America’s freedoms.

A favorite of the stealth campaigners is to have the UN set up “impact committee reviews” of a particular issue. These are not committees of an elected body comprised of popularly elected members. Impact committees, like the stakeholder councils which are used to strangle landowners’ rights, produce self-serving statements designed to push legislatures, especially the recalcitrant elected bodies in the United States, toward the NGO’s desired objectives.

A related tactic finds the NGO’s “helping” legislatures produce the politically correct votes. This actually means that foreigners are lobbying legislative bodies in the U.S. We are supposed to accept that, but apologize for the “unilateralism” of the US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, when he criticizes the UN.

The end game is to capitalize on the growing menace to our freedom in the growing lawlessness of the US judicial system. Right now there is a lawsuit against a couple of federal agencies brought by two NGO’s on an environmental matter. They got the case accepted on the basis of the unratified (by the US) Kyoto global warming treaty. This shows where this is all heading — this is the kind of international “law” that US courts are willing to accept instead of the Constitution the judges take an oath to uphold.

Regarding firearms, the UN has been frantically seeking to disarm American citizens. Thanks to John Bolton at the UN, the US has refused to sign on to global gun registration treaties. But right now, the UN, working in cahoots with the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) has managed to dry up many gun parts coming into the United States.

This backdoor gun control has been pulled off in a truly stealthy fashion. Many firearms factories are in countries which ill advisedly signed on to a UN gun control agreement (the Small Arms Treaty). The Treaty enables the UN to require that ratifying countries and their firearms companies go through the UN as a clearing house for all small arms and ammunition sales. Having done this, the UN now requires that all transactions be done with Euros rather than US dollars. This has jacked up the price by one third for guns and ammo orders as far back as three years. The price increased because Euros are more expensive for holders of US dollars. This is a stealth attack worthy of currency manipulator and gun control fanatic, George Soros.

The BATFE has chimed in with further restrictions on what handguns can be imported. They can easily do this be simply changing the definition of what is a sporting arm. Since the BATFE has no technical manuals or procedures written down, they can be as capricious as they think they can get away with.

In a related arena, political correctness has probably driven the destruction by the US military of arms and ammo found in Iraqi caches. Much of what was found in these caches could have been sold to reduce the burden of the cost of the war — and to lower prices in the US for those items.

We don’t really need to reform the UN, as nice as that sounds. We need to leave the UN and remove it from any presence in the US. When the US needs to talk to other countries in any multilateral fashion, we can host a meeting of ambassadors from countries representing the Coalition of the Willing. That is true multilateralism, not the perverted multilateralism that the UN has come to mean. Think of UN-style multilateralism as a code word for Kofi for World Kleptocrat-in-chief.

Historically, think of the matter this way. George III’s kleptocracy sought to sustain itself by assaulting the freedoms of English colonists in America. Kofi Annan is simply the political great grandson of England’s King George III. Let’s give Kofi a red coat and treat him accordingly.

[My Live Fire interview with Joseph Klein can be found at http://www.gunowners.org/radio.htm.]