7/05 Molon Labe

Molon Labe

Larry Pratt

Molon Labe is a novel by a long-time GOA member using the nom de plume of Boston T. Party. The title is Greek for “Come and take them!” — the immortal words hurled by a handful of Greek defenders against the huge Persian army’s demand to surrender their weapons. Their defense, which was ultimately overwhelmed, bought the time needed for the rest of Greece to mobilize and rout the Persians.

The same words — in English, of course — were thrown at Mexican General Santa Ana who demanded that the Texans surrender a cannon they had taken from the Mexican army in Gonzales, Texas. The Gonzales flag is emblazoned with the famous words and adorned by a large cannon. Santa Ana never got the cannon back in working order, by the way.

Boston T. Party uses a fast-moving plot to defend the Free State Movement idea of politically dominating a small state and voting in a freedom-supporting government. Written at the end of 2003, the novel manages to anticipate the rising tide of popular discontent with the anti-constitutional rebellion of the Supreme Court, particularly regarding its decision to eliminate private property.

The novel opens with an all-too-true-to-life episode of a pointless traffic stop that becomes an unconstitutional search of the vehicle. This in turn results in the confiscation of a perfectly legal semi-automatic rifle that the ignorant cop thinks is an assault rifle. When it becomes apparent that the gun is perfectly legal, the BATF steps in to tamper with a videotape that purported to show the gun firing automatically.

In real life in 2005, a quick-thinking defense team arranged to get an expert gunsmith and designer to be present during the Charlotte, NC forensic test firing of an allegedly illegal gun. The expert, Len Savage, deftly demonstrated the dangerous incompetence (accompanied by massive arrogance) of the BATF “expert” who almost killed himself firing the gun in question. What the BATF “genius” thought was a machine gun was in fact a gun ready to blow up because of a deteriorating part.

This is all demonstrated on a video/DVD produced by Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership and available through Gun Owners of America.

When the US attorney in charge of prosecuting the Charlotte case saw the tape, he immediately dropped all charges, with prejudice; hence, the charges can never be brought up again.

Molon Labe also deals with the need for the Free State to wrest government schooling from Washington in order to end the socialist indoctrination being mandated by the Department of Education. That is a very exciting chapter, and one that speaks to battles that are before us right now.

The most humorous section of the book describes how the Free Staters dealt with a liberal counter attack. Liberals determined that if freedom lovers could move to the Free State and increasingly dominate its politics, then liberals could do the same and reverse the process.

In order to keep the liberals out without violating basic principles of liberty, the Free State’s legislature adapted a clever sales tax law. One only had to pay the tax if one were not packing a handgun. This was so offensive to the liberals in Molon Labe that they dropped their plans to move to the Free State, and if they were on their way, they literally turned their moving vans around.

We are all indebted to Boston T. Party for this clever, and very peaceful, method of clearing a state of its socialist element. Perhaps an enterprising state legislator will follow the lead of “Boston” and introduce such a measure in his legislative body soon.

The new slogan might be: “Tax Relief Means Packing a Piece.”

[I interviewed Boston T. Party on my Live Fire radio show that is available on the web at http://www.gunowners.org/radio.htm.]