Sloth: One Of The Seven Deadly Sins

Sloth is the desire for ease. It is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. Whatever we do in life requires effort. The slothful person is unwilling to do what is necessary because of the effort it takes to do it. In Christian theology, sloth is considered a sin when it slows down or blocks the energy we must expend use in employing the means to salvation. Medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas said that sloth is “sluggishness of the mind which neglects to begin good… [it] is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses man as to draw him away entirely from good deeds.” Good deeds include protecting and defending your life, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of innocents.
The Law of Self-Preservation

Freud’s emphasis on sex overlooked the fact that reproduction is only the second law of nature; the first is self-preservation (Ewin & Eimer, in press). The reason our psychological make-up includes unconscious defense mechanisms is to protect us from ourselves; our unacceptable impulses, thoughts, feelings and conflicts. The reason human beings devised weapons was to protect us from wild animals and other human beings. Both methods of self-defense serve to promote our self-preservation; the first, psychologically, and the second, physically.

Up until about 100 years ago, it was commonplace to own firearms. Until big city police departments became the norm, it was a given that people carried with them some method of self-defense. All animals in the Animal Kingdom carry with them some method of self-defense — fast feet, sharp teeth and claws, sprays, etc. What makes anyone think that humans are exempt from the first law of nature?

In all species, the very young and the old and the sick are the most vulnerable to predators. So it is in our society. Nowadays, we hear more and more of child and female abductions, drive by shootings, and senseless rapes and murders. How many of these could have been prevented had the victims only been more aware, less trusting and naive, and better equipped to defend themselves?
No Valid Reason for Laziness

Sloth is laziness. Almost every other day, I hear people remark that it is unnecessary to carry a gun. I hear it from cops (who don’t carry off duty and should know better!), from legally armed citizens who take my concealed carry weapons permit course, and even from the owners of gun stores! What in the world are these people thinking? Are they being slothful?

Without being smug, I can safely say, I know the answer. They are thinking that it won’t happen to me and the police will protect me. One of the greatest tricks the Devil ever pulled is to convince some of us that he doesn’t exist! But, there is evidence for his existence everywhere. Stuff happens and that’s why we buy insurance. And… the police have no obligation to protect you. Their job is to keep the peace, enforce the law, and investigate crimes after the fact.

I also hear people who should know better say, “It’s too much of a hassle to carry all the time,” or “It’s not easy carrying a gun.” To them, I answer: “Hey. It’s a lot easier than if you need it and it isn’t there!” There is no valid reason for laziness or sloth when it comes to your own self-protection and survival.

We carry our driver’s license, car registrations, and insurance cards, in case we are stopped or have an accident. That is a real possibility every time we get behind the wheel of our motor vehicles. We buy insurance in case we need it, hoping that we won’t. It’s better to have insurance and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Such is also the case with a firearm concealed on our person.

Don’t be lazy or complacent. Carry your defensive handgun. It doesn’t pay not to. Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong, it will. What makes those of us who have our concealed carry permits think that the one time we choose not to carry our weapon, will not be the one time we need it?

No one should be without a method and a plan for self-preservation and self-protection. The world is dangerous. Anybody that thinks otherwise is in denial, and as a clinical psychologist (my day job), that is my diagnosis and my first and final answer as to why people don’t carry a gun.
The “What If” Game

If we play the “what if” game, we can think of various emergency scenarios, such as: “What if I’m attacked?” “What if someone tries to carjack me?” “Rape me?” “Rob me?” “Kidnap me?” “What if I’m followed home by two thugs?” “What if my home is invaded at two in the morning?” Ask yourself: Do you have the necessary emergency equipment on hand, at the ready, to respond in a way that will promote your survival?

Sloth. Sloth, or laziness, is one of the “Seven Deadly Sins,” and it can get you killed. Ignorance and complacency are not sins, but they too can be fatal.
Hoplophobia and Neurosis

Dr. Clara Thompson, a psychiatrist, argued in [print] that anti-gun people are really subconsciously afraid of their own aggressive impulses. That means they are neurotic and could benefit from therapy. A neurosis is a psychological disorder that causes one to spend too much energy on unconsciously manufacturing and then defending against dangers that don’t really exist. See, even anti-gunners spend their energies on self-defense!

Anti-gunners are really unconsciously afraid that they would commit murder if they had a gun. This realization is unacceptable and threatening, so it is repressed. However, the energy and the fear of the disowned, unacceptable impulse is projected onto others. So, now it is others who would commit murder if they are permitted to own a gun.

This same illogic leads anti-gunners to claim that it’s dangerous to carry a gun because, should you need it to defend yourself, it’s likely to be taken away from you by the criminal and then used on you. Psychologically, what’s really going on is that they fear that they would give it up. Imagine, turn your weapons over to your attacker!

Hoplophobia, the irrational fear of weapons, leads people to make irrational, maladaptive and dangerous choices that are not conducive to survival.

Neuroses by their very nature are illogical and self-defeating. So, forget about all of the sociopathic and psychopathic criminals who possess illegal guns and weapons. They need to be put away. Neurotic, hoplophobic, anti-self-defense, anti-gun people truly need psychological treatment.

It is illogical and hazardous to our health (not conducive to self-preservation) to spend any waking minute in our Darwinian, survival of the fittest world, unprotected. Evolutionary natural selection has a not so funny way of breeding the unprepared out of existence. Do you want to hang up your genes? If you do, act as if you believe the world is a safe place.
It Makes Sense To Be Armed

It makes sense to go armed. It makes no sense to ever go unarmed and unprotected. Even the great animal predators; the African lion, King of the African Plains, and the great grizzly bear of America’s Northwest, instinctively know that armed men are dangerous to their (predator’s) survival. It makes sense to own firearms and to carry a concealed firearm whenever we are out and about.

For that matter, since our home is our castle (or should be!), it makes sense to defend it. We can’t all afford a moat, or an army, but we can all afford to own firearms and keep them at the ready in our homes. In fact, we cannot afford not to do so!
The Wiser We Get, the Older We Get

It has been said that the older we get, the wiser we get. Perhaps this is putting the cart before the horse. As a psychologist, I think the adage should be, The wiser we get, the older we get. So wise up, fellow senior citizens. Get protection. Social security for senior citizens is a gun. Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend. It’s a gun.
Staying Safe

In the HBO television Western series, Deadwood, a deranged dandy named Wolcott, keeps killing prostitutes. In one scene, one of the prostitutes is disarmed by Wolcott. This is unrealistic. The truth is that over the centuries-old history of the “oldest profession,” untold numbers of covertly armed prostitutes have prevented their Johns from turning into Jack (the Ripper).

Recently in the news, a young girl visiting the “friendly island” of Aruba turned up missing. At the time of this writing, she is still missing and foul play is suspected. She was last seen leaving her friends on their last night out partying, and going with three local men. She wasn’t prepared. What if she had been? Well for starters, she wouldn’t have left her friends (remember safety in numbers?).
The Mental Disease of Liberalism

Political liberalism means anything goes. It’s cultural relativism taken to an extreme. There can be no right or wrong, in a world where everything is relative. The problem is that liberal thinking is a thought disorder. True liberals live in a parallel universe where everything is perceived as the opposite of what it really is. Psychological counseling is indicated. My case in point:

An everything-goes philosophy is a mental defense mechanism against making a stand and doing something. This always falls short because eventually, once it hits the fan, one is forced to take action. Think of an over permissive parent. He or she is really afraid of using discipline. The child gets wilder, bolder, and more out of control, until the parent finally hits his wit’s end and does something rash and irrational.
No Absolutes? Think Again!

There are absolutes. The Ten Commandments are absolutes. “Thou shall not murder” is an absolute (NOT thou shall not kill). Be prepared to defend your life is an absolute. The fact that it’s wise and makes sense to carry self-protection is an absolute. A concealed firearm is the best form of self-protection for most people. Next is a concealed fighting knife (even if you’re not a “knife person”!). Those are absolutes.

Should you just be prepared some of the time? What if you’re attacked when you have chosen to go unprepared? Be prepared to get no quarter from Mr. Bad Guy. He loves when victims beg. The absolute is ALWAYS be prepared.

Don’t be slothful or lazy. Safety is a myth. We’re only safe when we make it so, through the effort of preparedness and greater firepower than those who would make us unsafe. We can seldom afford to let down our guard. When we do, it is at our own risk.
Get Your Concealed Weapons — Firearms Permit

Keep a firearm on you or around your person at all times. It is your best life insurance. Even if you only travel occasionally, obtain your concealed carry weapons firearm permit in as many states as is practical. Right now, the state with the largest number of reciprocity carry states is Florida. The Florida permit is valid in 29 states as of this writing!

Once you legally obtain your concealed carry permit, don’t leave home without it. Carry it and your handgun on you, or around your person, at all times. Choose to carry a handgun that carries comfortably and that you’ll find comforting to know is on you, should you need it for serious social purposes. For most of us, this means carrying several different handguns depending on the circumstances.

Find a way. Sloth is one of the “Seven Deadly Sins.” Don’t succumb to it. Carry your gun fellow seniors. Now that’s serious social security.