El Paso: Safest City

A [2003] news story reported on the plight of some 200-300 Mexican women raped and murdered in Juarez. One article mentioned a protest march by notables, but neglected to state how many rapes and murders would be prevented per mile marched.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the FBI declared Washington, DC to be the murder capital of the country. Washington police blame Virginia as a source of guns for murderers. Guns in Virginia don’t kill nearly as many in Virginia as in Washington, so maybe it’s the Potomac River that’s responsible.

The same reasoning could apply to the Rio Grande and the murders in Juarez. Texas women may, or not, choose to legally carry a pistol in their purses and provide lead as a substitute for the gratification of rape and murder. No one knows how many Texas women carry, but Mexican law denies their U.S. constitutional right to bear arms.

So, we have the equations: No guns in Washington equals many murders. Unknown guns in Virginia equals fewer murders. No guns in Juarez equals many murders. Unknown guns in El Paso equals fewer murders.

Am I missing something, or do anti-gun folks lack two functioning brain cells in contact with one another? Do anti-gun folks use their brains for anything besides a knot to keep their spinal cords from unraveling?

On Thanksgiving morning, CNN mentioned the 10 safest cities in the country, and El Paso topped the list. Sarah Brady, eat your heart out.