Multiple Victim Shootings And The Right To Carry

I’m sure you all have heard about the tragic shooting at the real estate office in San Antonio and the several other recent public shootings. I guess we will now be hearing from the anti-gun rights people.

Few events obtain the same instant worldwide news coverage as multiple victim public shootings. The publicity given these shootings always gives ideas to other deranged people on how they too can “get even.” Thus the reason for the sudden outbreaks of these crimes. We must pay attention to — and beware of — people (in our work places and our schools) that act strangely or say unusual things.

These shootings always renew the cry to ban all firearms. The gun is usually portrayed as the villain, rather than the person behind the gun. But, the gun is merely a tool; multiple murders have been committed with knives, swords, bats, other assorted items and even hands and feet!

Arrest, conviction, and the death penalty reduce “normal” murder rates, however only legal concealed handgun carry by law-abiding citizens can prevent the public shootings by the deranged person. Gun free “safe” zones (schools, government buildings and many work places) are only safe for the criminal and the mentally deranged, for they know no one there will be armed and therefore won’t shoot back! Yes, both criminals and the mentally disturbed do prefer unarmed victims.

In nature, all creatures have their own best means to defend themselves, be they claws, teeth or speed. Man’s (particularly women’s) best means of defense is the handgun. Many shootings would not take place if the shooter suspected that someone there might be armed.

We must send a clear message to these people. Many more law-abiding people must get carry licenses and be trained in the defense of themselves and others. The police can not be everywhere and they are not legally required to protect individuals, only the public as a whole.

We must work to get nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry (see H.R. 990), our right to carry must not stop a the state line and we must work to eliminate gun-free zones. Don’t let the gun-grabbers fool you! All gun control laws, restrictions, bans, registration etc. affect only the law-abiding. The criminal, the mentally disturbed and the terrorists all thumb their noses at these laws.