Obama budget exposes depth of hostility to gun rights, American people

Yesterday, Emily Miller of the Washington Times wrote that President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget would reverse an effort by Congress to rein in the executive branch’s “gunwalking”:

In November, the president signed the Justice Department appropriations bill, which included language from Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, prohibiting federal agencies from facilitating the transfer of an operable firearm to an individual known or suspected to be in a drug cartel, unless they monitor the weapon at all times.

Now Mr. Obama is proposing to remove that provision from the 2013 spending bill, thus making it legal to revive gun-walking operations in the future.

The White House defends this deletion by claiming that it’s “not necessary.”  Perhaps not, but that doesn’t explain why it must go, especially when one considers how much noise has been made about other administrations’ supposed “gunwalking”–even if it’s (now) “not necessary” to stop the Obama administration from doing it, what about future administrations?  Actually, though, never mind that.  As National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea said shortly after the measure was originally added to the DoJ appropriations bill, “That’ll stop it!  You know, another law . . .

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