Gun Control Kills

Since the U.S. government will not admit that it was they who took away airline pilots’ civil rights, particularly the inalienable right to defend oneself, it now will never admit that a $300 gun in each airline cockpit would have prevented over 27 BILLION dollars in damage and saved 5,000 lives by stopping the World Trade Center crash-bombings.

Since illicit gun control laws were forced upon American citizens, many thousands of people have suffered brutal assault and death at the hands of criminals who laugh at such restrictions. The citizens who would most benefit from warding off attacks are women who are usually at a grave physical disadvantage with a male attacker. But you won’t see the N.O.W. or any other liberal women’s group screaming for an end to restrictions on self defense, because they appease politicians in order to likewise manipulate Americans to their own aims. I find it strange that they claim to seek “empowerment” without demanding parity against superior male strength through the protection of firearms. Oops, I forgot; a woman needs to be a government official to receive armed protection and privileges.

Gun control laws remove no guns from the hands of criminals, they only disarm victims. So let’s call them what they truly are: VICTIM DISARMAMENT laws.

While we are being forced to focus on Osama Bin Laden and the Al Queda terrorist network, not one talking-head “journalist” has had the courage to report the truth. The truth is that the disgraceful behavior of our federal government in both foreign policy and domestic victim disarmament laws is to blame for the horror of the WTC attack, as well as for the suffering of literally millions of crime victims across America. Those who impose such laws, from the U.S. Supreme Court all the way down the enforcement ladder to street cops, should be indicted for murder.

Yes, you heard me correctly. All who today deprive citizens of their civil rights by enforcing victim disarmament should be tried for MURDER. This is because it is a felony to deprive anyone of their civil rights. And any death that results during the commission of a felony meets the test of a capital crime, murder.

Before all you lawyers email me citing case and precedent to prove my statements wrong, I tell you that what is legal is not always just, as what is just is not always legal. Victim disarmament ‘laws’ are just state-sponsored terrorism, in that its populace must live in terror of the state.

Don’t bother shouting that there is no explicit right to self defense in the Bill of Rights, tell that to the lucrative abortion industry. Call the Right of Self Defense an “…emanation from the penumbra…,” of the U.S. Constitution. Besides, our rights precede government anyway.

The common man knows that those in political power are responsible for many thousands of deaths, including those at the WTC. But since those in power are great friends of many lawyers, there will always be loopholes that allow them to escape responsibility for their tyranny.

Does any “journalist” with a wide media platform have the courage to become a actual reporter and relay this? Because what I present is more truth than not, even to skeptics. Or does being a career-building “journalist” avoid all controversy by turning a blind eye, even when thousands of countrymen are being slaughtered? We saw this behavior in WWII Germany and we are seeing it now in the USA.

Like in earlier Germany, today journalists flock to government spokes-specialists who decide what the journalists are to parrot, to mollify the people so that they continue to support the war. As it was with WWII, so now it is with the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terrorism,” which do nothing to stop drugs or terrorism. Before September of 2001, the U.S. government spent ten BILLION dollars to “stop terrorism.” Yet this did nothing to stop the WTC attack. They supposedly had no clue whatsoever before the WTC assault. And now, they want billions more dollars, expansion of their agencies, nationalization of airport security, and even MORE victim disarmament laws.

Senators and congressmen who run and hide behind armed Secret Service and other federal cops because of a few spores are telling you that you must not have the same tools to defend your workplace, home and families. They receive the smiles and sycophancy of the press who pass this cowards’ message so happily.

Gun control kills. Because it is Victim Disarmament. The WTC would never have happened had the government obeyed the Bill of Rights and waged war inside our own government against those who would attempt to overrule human rights, rather than against little children overseas in Iraq and against preborn children everywhere.

A bitter irony is that on 911, not one terrorist used a gun to commit their infamy. Not one. All the thousands of illicit victim disarmament laws did absolutely NOTHING to protect the innocent.

The most bitter and final irony is that, had the pilots the same sidearms that they possessed while in the cockpits of military fighters, but now are forbidden because they are no longer federal employees, none of this horror would have happened. NONE.

Gun control kills. And it kills far, far more men, women and children than it could ever save.

So the next time elected officials who are victim disarmers brag about gun control laws and their newest goals for confiscation, call them what they truly are: MURDERERS.

When “journalists” preen before cameras to tout the latest federal lies that promise peace and safety if we would only let more rights go and empower government even more, BOO at them like real men and women did at Hillary Clinton. And make protest phone calls, letters and e-mails to their news desks and sponsors.

Tell them all, again and again until they get the message: gun control KILLS.

Jack Duggan [[email protected]] is a retired executive who lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, NJ) with his wife and three children. This article appeared on