10/00 HCI Scorecard

HCI Scorecard
Larry Pratt

Handgun Control, Inc. issued its scorecard of how much gun control the states have imposed on their citizens. The scorecard came out just in time for the opening of school. For the safety of the children, you know.

HCI specifically stated that “each state was carefully rated for the existence of six types of legislation that protect children from guns.”

I had the opportunity to debate an HCI spokesman on Fox Cable News. I pointed out some incredible inconsistencies in the scorecard.

For example, Maryland got an A, but Nevada, with a slightly lower murder rate, got a D+.

Illinois got a B+ but Alabama with a lower murder rate got an F. California got a score of B+, but Virginia with a slightly lower murder rate got a D. New York got a B+, but Wyoming with a lower murder rate got an F.

Connecticut got an A-, but Montana with an identical murder rate got an F. Hawaii, Maine and Massachusetts all had the same murder rate, but Maine got an F while the other two gun control meccas got A-‘s.

And the three states with the lowest murder rates in the nation, New Hampshire, South Dakota and North Dakota, all got D’s.

Go figure.

Clearly, HCI is not interested in lowering crime. They are interested in keeping people from having access to firearms for self defense.

I pointed out that the “loopholes” HCI wanted to close could end up like the ultimate “loophole” closure, to use their word, of English gun banning. And now England’s violent crime rate has risen to a higher level than that of America.

The HCI representative did not like that, and suggested that I was a conspiratorialist for suggesting that HCI wants to ban guns. I was able to show that “of course you do.”

Indeed, in 1999, a bill was before the U.S. House of Representatives to end the gun ban in Washington, DC. HCI opposed that measure. They would rather the people of Washington be legally disarmed even though the criminals of the city have all the guns they want and the results show it — Washington has the highest murder rate of any jurisdiction in the country.

There is no doubt about it. The Handgun Control Scorecard is a failure. Parents should send it back to school without a signature. In fact, the teacher should be brought up on charges of incompetence before the school board and fired.