5/00 Bull’s-Eyes And Misfires

Bull’s-Eyes! And Misfires:
Suzanna Hupp On Target; Rosie O’Donnell Would Leave Only Murderers With Guns
Larry Pratt

Bull’s Eye! To Texas State Legislator Suzanna Gratia Hupp who has consistently, articulately and courageously defended the Second Amendment right of individuals to keep and bear arms. In 1991, Hupp saw her parents murdered in cold blood in a cafeteria where a total of 23 people were murdered.

At the time, she had a pistol in her car but the law did not allow the carrying of a concealed weapon. Thus, as Hupp put it in an interview on ABC’s This Week program (5/14/2000): “They legislated me out of the right to protect myself and my family.”

On another nationally-televised program, ABC’s Nightline (3/15/2000), Hupp appeared with militant gun-grabber Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) whose husband was among those murdered in 1993 by a gunman on the Long Island Railroad.

At one point, her interviewer, Chris Wallace, asks Hupp about the cafeteria where her parents were murdered, Columbine and the train on which McCarthy’s husband was murdered. Wallace asks, incredulously and stupidly, if she is really suggesting that the answer to the gun problem in this country is that in situations like these “everyone… should have their own gun and they should all be blasting away at one another?” Says Hupp: “No, sir. No, sir, of course not. What I’m saying is that a gun is merely a tool that you should be able to have access to if you so choose to use it.” Bull’s-eye!

Misfire: To Rosie O’Donnell, Master Of Ceremonies at the Million Mom March, who, obviously, could not care less about the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against murderers. In an interview on ABC’s This Week (5/14/2000), O’Donnell is asked about concealed weapons laws and some evidence that they have reduced crime. She says: “Of course, I am against them.”

Concerning the views of Suzanna Hupp, O’Donnell says: “And I feel very sorry for the woman who I’ve heard speak on other shows whose parents were shot in front of her while she had a weapon in her car. However, this is not the Wild West…. She wants everyone else in the restaurant to have a weapon to shoot the bad guy? So many people are going to be hurt doing that…. Her pain is real. And it is — her passion is admirable. But I do believe that her answer to it, or what she perceives to be the answer, is actually one that would do more harm than good.”

Huh? “So many people are going to be hurt” if some folks are allowed to carry weapons?! What in the world is this woman talking about? In the cafeteria in which Hupp’s parents were murdered, 21 other people were murdered!!

Sounds like a lot of “hurt” to me.

The suicidal insanity of O’Donnell’s position is that it means that in situations like that cafeteria in Texas, Columbine, or on the Long Island Railroad, the only person or persons who can have guns are the murderers! This is nuts.

And now O’Donnell may force the establishment of a Hypocrite of the Month award. Turns out it’s O.K. for her to hire an armed bodyguard. A gun will help reduce crime against her, but if you or I have a gun, that’s dangerous.

Bull’s-Eye! To comedian Jackie Mason and attorney Raoul Felder who, in a column in the Washington Times newspaper (3/31/2000), say: “Just because you have a gun at home doesn’t mean you are going to go around shooting people, just as the fact that you have window in your house doesn’t mean your wife and brother-in-law are going to take turns jumping out of it…. A gun in the hands of a law-abiding citizen represents a substantial deterrent to a would-be attacker.”

Misfire: By the national media who have totally ignored a recent poll (5/5-7/2000) by the George Gallup Organization. Among other things, this national survey of adults (those 18-years-old and older) asked: “Not including military combat, have you ever used a gun to defend yourself, either by firing it or threatening to fire it?” Seven percent said “yes.”

Since there are an estimated 204 million Americans 18-years-old or older, this means that 14.3 million of us have used guns in self-defense. This proves what a liar Rosie O’Donnell is when she says, as she did on that This Week program, that it is an “illusion” that guns “give you safety.”

This same Gallup Poll showed that: 71 percent of Americans believe the primary cause of gun violence in America is not the availability of guns but rather how parents raise their children and/or influences of our popular culture; 75 percent blame gun manufacturers a little or not at all for crimes committed with guns; and “polling to this point shows that gun control is not a top issue priority for men or women in this year’s Presidential election.”