OH: Make Ohio a Sanctuary for Your Rights.

The federal government has and will continue to come after your right of self-defense. It’s time for states to take a stand against federal tyranny.

That’s where OH HB 51 comes in. The “Second Amendment Preservation Act” (SAPA) prohibits state officials or law enforcement from enforcing federal gun control and provides punishments for those that do.

This is not the first time that state law has been used to combat tyrannical federal laws. In the 1800s, some northern states, such as Pennsylvania, passed Personal Liberty Laws which made it illegal for citizens of the Commonwealth to help enforce the Fugitive Slave Act.

Likewise, Virginia and Kentucky threatened to nullify the Alien & Sedition Acts of 1798, which essentially jailed people for criticizing government officials.

American states have historically fought back against all forms of government tyranny, and Ohio is doing it now to protect our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms!

However, gun owners must apply political pressure to ensure this becomes law. We need to get it through the House and send it to the Senate.

Please take action and urge your Representatives to support OH HB 51!