NM: HB 137 Passes Committee

We need to act now. HB 137 has passed the New Mexico House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee and is on the move! 

This is a crucial time for the people of New Mexico–the anti-gunners are forcing gun control that has a proven record of failure to the people! 

Governor Grisham has made it clear that criminals will not comply with the laws but insist on coming after you, the law-abiding citizen.  

  • HB 137: This is the mother of all gun control! This bill BANS all gas operated weapons, and weapons that take a magazine. This bill would make nearly all of your gun’s illegal, and the ones that are grandfathered in will be restricted so severely that, in most cases, it would render them unusable for the defense of your family. 

Here are the tyrannical representatives that are stripping away your rights, and we MUST call them out! 

  • Chair Joann Ferrary 
  • Vice Chair Angelica Rubio 
  • Andrea Romero 
  • Elizabeth Thompson 

So, take action now and let your Representatives know we are not going to tolerate this. 

Thankfully, some representatives are fighting to keep your rights and the U.S. Constitution intact: 

  • Rep. Stefani Lord 
  • Rep. John Block 

These two long-time patriots voted to protect your God-given right to keep and bear arms, but they cannot win this fight alone. We, the people, must take a stand against the tyrannical Governor and her Constitution-eroding friends. 

Our inherent right to bear arms, bestowed upon us by God, should not be infringed upon by government overreach.  

We have to join together as grassroots activists and lobby our elected officials – demanding that they oppose ANY and ALL gun control bills in the New Mexico legislature.  

Now is the time to stand strong and remain vigilant.  

This is not an easy fight, but with the help of all grassroots activists, we can take a stand and fight for our rights. It is crucial that we come together and Take Action, now more than ever before. 

In Liberty,
Monte Bowen
Pacific Regional Director
Gun Owners of America 

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