NM: Governor Grisham’s Assault on Your Right to Bear Arms!


The start of a new year often brings the radical, anti-gun left’s push to strip away the right to keep and bear arms.  

And course, New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham is doubling down her efforts to erode our God-given right to self-defense. 

And with her constant attacks on our rights, it’s crucial to stand firm in defending the Second Amendment while engaging in rigorous debate to protect our freedoms. We must ensure our children and grandchildren grow up in a country with the U.S. Constitution still intact!

And with the help from her anti-gun pals in the New Mexico legislature, here’s a little bit of what we’ll be fighting against in 2024:

  • HB 137: This is the mother of all gun control! This bill excludes all gas operated weapons, and weapons that take a magazine. 
  • HB 114: A so-called “Firearm Industry Accountability Act” attacking gun manufactures and gun stores for legally selling firearms.  
  • HB 129: Government imposed mandatory waiting periods to purchase firearms. 
  • HB 127: Government imposed restrictions on 18–20-year-old adults from buying firearms.  

Sadly, this is just the start. There’s much more heading down the pike.  

Governor Grisham’s recent push for gun control includes the introduction of 21 anti-gun bills! 

It is nothing short of total tyrannical leadership.  

Our inherent right to bear arms, bestowed upon us by God, should not be infringed upon by government overreach.  

It’s crucial that we uphold the values of our Constitution and protect our individual liberties. Let us hope that Governor Grisham and those who support her efforts recognize the importance of our freedom. 

But just “hoping” she does the right thing is not enough.  

We have to join together as grassroots activists and lobby our elected officials – demanding that they oppose ANY and ALL gun control bills in the New Mexico legislature.  

Now is the time to stand strong and remain vigilant.  

This is not an easy fight, but with the help of all grassroots activists, we can take a stand and fight for our rights. It is crucial that we come together and Take Action, now more than ever before. 

It’s crucial to keep a close eye on the bills that are being introduced by the anti-gunners. It’s not just about being aware of them but also understanding their potential impact.  

We have the power to influence our legislators and drive change in our society. By taking a stand and advocating for the issues that matter to us, we can make a significant impact on the laws and policies that attempt to strip us of our Second Amendment rights.  

Let’s not be passive observers but instead be proactive citizens who are committed to making positive changes in our communities because the anti-gun Left is destroying our constitution, and if there is no fight from us, they will win!